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  1. Dear All

    Though I am familiar with Specs of popular cars, I request your suggestion for my New car. My car << a sedan

    I opt for a Diesel car as I feel that performer Petrol cars are restricted to Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Honda, by adding 1 lakhs to the budget. By doing so my list is extended with Ford, VW, Fiat,Skoda and you may add more like Mahindra

    Budget restricted to on the road 8 Lakhs with a tolerance of plus-minus 5%

    My Prime requirements are ; Fairly Safe, Fitting to my Budget, Decent performance, handling and fuel economy, Very good After - S&S, comparable spare part prices, Good looks, normal resale value

    Following are my short listing (

    1. Honda Amaze Diesel with minimal ABS

    2. Swift Dzire

    3. Hyundai..xcent

    4. VW CL Polo

    5. Fiat 90 bhp / Multijet

    6.Ford Figo

    7. Tata Zest. (please give inputs to like this Car)

    8. Fabia with ABS with or without airbags

  2. It is the same thing. They offer good exchange and will offer a far reduced price for the old one. But if you find that it is more or less same with that you sell to some one else, and the new car you are planning for is the one that you need, then I advice that you go for an exchange. There will be no hassle and you will be free of all tensions related to registration, account transfer, affidavit, etc

  3. For safety evaluation, the data of crash tests done with air bags shows that VW Polo, Swift (recently) has passed. Fiat Punto had passed this years back. I am sure that all are aware of this. But these were done with 6 air bags functioning. Now what is real safety. And for such a safe car the budget will not be so safe.

    My budget got shrink and now it is around 8 lakhs. My current considerations are diesel cars of VW New Polo, MS Dzire, Ford Figo and Ford Classic and partially Fiat Punto Evo 90bhp.

    With the same template, I request your suggestions separately for cars

    1. With airbags and ABS

    2. With ABS only

    3. Without ABS and airbags

  4. I agree with sstar. With a high budget many of us will not go for Maruti or other Desi passenger cars.( not utility ones). To catch the trust of high end customers, they should come with a lower price tag, superior quality in all aspects like exterior, interior, safety, built quality, FE and power. For example just compare how Korean Samsung drastically improved and survived when competed with superb Apple, within few years. And the customer is benefited.

  5. I think such things are not a matter of learning or ignorance. These are strategies, planned for years to come, giving each time a little and a little, to keep the products moving in India. As long as Indian companies doesn't make their own machines, efficiently, we are ill fated to face this exploitation. I consider Korean and Japanese ones are much better, at-least by specifications. Regarding features and quality it is different on different cars. If the rules and regulations are made precise and optimized for cost depending on efficiency, QC and Safety, and implemented, we can have a good comparison. Is it possible in India?

    And now who should learn ? The manufacturers or the people of India ? I can't give a rating as this has to be specific for each specs.

  6. For Indian road conditions I will opt Punto Evo with Excellent ride, steering, ground clearence, braking etc. If you need a petrol Car the budget is ok. Fiesta could not come with this budget and it is diesel only, and its ground clearence is lowest. The city highway split that you mentioned 80:20, that means you will drive 800 km in city per month. Which city is this?. And for such a city drive, you may opt for smaller cars like, Honda brio, Micra or Alto800 provided you dont need much boot space. And if the ratio is reversed then I suggest Punto or Swift Desire. What I dont like in polo is the ground clearence. And moreover cost of Fiat spares are comparable with Maruti's.

  7. This is an old topic but still unexplained clearly. I am too confused whether one should go for Petrol or Diesel. Kindly try to reply these queries.

    If there is only occasional driving of ~50 km and daily drive of ,say 3 km, total accounting to about 500 km per month, at the same time if I don't want to spent more on Fuel, while keeping the maintenance normal what should I go for ?.

    Regarding maintenance of diesel engine, what is that makes it cost higher ? (running cost rather than the initial cost). Please give details

    Is a diesel engine could perform well in high city traffic or it will be difficult to drive in city ?

    Comparitive to petrol engine what all periodical checkups are required in diesel ones?

    regarding CNG, Maruti Suzuki is not providing CNG in top variants and what may be the reason for that ?

    More info if any?

  8. Help my Friend for his first car :)

    Whats your Budget - Rs 6L in Mumbai on the road

    Kms driven monthly - 250 kms

    Bodyshell - Hatch/ Sedan

    City/Highway split - 60:40

    Max No.of Passangers - 3 most of the time

    Boot space Importance - Medium

    Usage by - normal

    Ownership - City

    Safety -Medium to high

    Prime requirement -All these Ride/ Handling/FE/Braking/Looks/AfSS/Resale/Passenger Comfort

    other important : The body should not get rusted within atleast 8 years (considering Mumbai's Climate

    Softcorner'd Manufacturer -Maruti Suzuki, Honda, VW, Fiat

  9. In the case of utility vehicles Mahindra has done well but, why it is so priced high when we have our own patents and industry. I consider that they have compared the price tag of foriegn ones. Similarly why Swift is higly priced than Fiat Punto. When I compared I felt that Maruti(Suzuki is foriegn for time sake ignore it) is still exploiting us. When the number of cars per year out-numbers other manufacturers why those can't be priced more friendly. How old the aethetics of Logan is. My view is that mahinda's SUV's clicked mainly due to the looks of aggressiveness rather than efficiency and riding quality. If there were such qualities it would have reflected in Logan. Passenger cars ar the core of the industry and Tata and Mahindra should come out of this. I feel Tata should design for a different body shell, should come out of this eggy shaped shell.

  10. Variety is the spice of Life. Tata and Mahindra could have done better and the best in the past and now when affordable foriegn cars have landed the indian roads the comparison has started. Every Indian wants an Indian car which is better than any foriegn ones but when we only says that "hare chalte hai yaar" in quality and perfection then what can any manufacturer do in India. And Indian companies are aimed to grab the market in their fist (karlo dunia ...!!) without providing quality and service and economical products, what can common people do. While comparing please post with fact sheets like economy, service records, fuel efficiency, durability etc etc. I do have a soft corner only for the TATA as they have served the county with much devotion, but I felt they never have an aim for perfection and quality, either in production or in research.

  11. Ambipur was very good as long as Godrej was owning it. now Ambipur and godrej owned perfume are both not upto mark. be careful the Godrej made one spills and damages your ac vent. The hanging type paper substrate perfumes are better, but are not available everywhere. Beware some type of freshner attract pests also, like shaldan. it is dangerous to keep spray type air freshners in car as it may explode due to high temperature if you park at sun. I am also searching for a good and economical one. I use air freshner spray and keeps back the spray at home.

  12. evenif you dont use much do you should do alignment, depending on the ride of the car. You should check if the car is going straight by leaving the steering at centre, feel any vibrations, gobble, force on the steering while holding the car staight, etc. While checking these I prefer concrete road as there is no outside tapering of the road. Also you shoud visiblly check the tyres for abnormal wear and tear. Alignment and balancing will add to the enjoyment of the ride on your POLO and the car is heavy so alignment should be done timely. The garage usually take responsibility within one week or so and advices next alignment ~ 2000KM

  13. In my opinion if you are riding 3000 km per month ie around 100 km per day, you should go for diesel cars, even in case you can claim the fuel bills( difference of rupees around 2000 per month). comparing Vento and Linea Diesel; Vento gives more performance and linea more economical. Handling of both are similar. But ground clearance of Linea is ver good. Compare the specs. Buy whatcar magazine may 2014 it has given a very good comparision of all models of passener cars. This will help you a lot

  14. If you have a flat outside Mumbai, within Maharashtra, u can register in that address. No Octoroi is required. But as per Mumbai RTO, if the vehicle is used more than 11 months in the city RTO + Octoroi should be paid.Upto approximately one year you can drive in city. But generally they will not check much on MH registration. Keep other docs handy. I read some where that dicounts will be only upto 30th June as excise duty is again going to be increased. What is the price difference of 2011 and 2014 models of Polo.