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  1. Thank you all for the posts. Yesterday bought all four tyres for my Punto. (The original JK tyre ran a grand 30K kms but had gone thru punctures, some due to my negligence also like low air pressure). I opted for Bridgestone as a vey old dealer in Mumbai suggested Bridgestone. He says on experience that Michelin is not meant for roads of Mumbai as the wear and tear and damages to tyre is too frequent as the rubber is too soft . Though I did not believe him much and I could not do much survey in the market due to time limitation, as I am expecting monsoon, I went for Bridgestone.

    Others please post their experience. There are other reviews also in other forums but they are too old.

  2. Grip & Stability on wet road

    JK Michelin AApollo Bridgestone MRF CEAT Yokohama Goodyear

    Grip & Stability on dry and dusty road

    JK Michelin AApollo Bridgestone MRF CEAT Yokohama Goodyear

    Response to Braking on wet Road

    JK Michelin AApollo Bridgestone MRF CEAT Yokohama Goodyear

    Response of Braking on dry and dusty road

    JK Michelin AApollo Bridgestone MRF CEAT Yokohama Goodyear

    Lowest Wear and Tear

    JK Michelin AApollo Bridgestone MRF CEAT Yokohama Goodyear

    Shelf Life and Immunity to climate changes

    JK Michelin AApollo Bridgestone MRF CEAT Yokohama Goodyear

    Place of Manufacture (Important)

    JK Michelin AApollo Bridgestone MRF CEAT Yokohama Goodyear

    Scoring by Experience

    JK Michelin AApollo Bridgestone MRF CEAT Yokohama Goodyear

    Give scores for each make from Excellent to poor in six steps. (for Tubeless R14 to R16 )

    Expecting valuable replies

  3. Which Tyre is the best for Indian Climate throughout the Year.

    Give Score: Out-Standing(6) Excellent(5) very good(4) good(3) average(2) poor(1)









    Grip & Stability on wet road

    Grip & Stability on dry and dusty road

    Response to Braking on wet Road

    Response of Braking on dry and dusty road

    Lowest Wear and Tear

    Shelf Life and Immunity to climate changes

    Place of Manufacture (Important)

    Scoring by Experience

  4. I had a test drive Polo 3 Cyl Diesel and found that it is not so impressive in the sense of pickup at lower rev ( with and without AC) I did not feel a punch or thrust either at higher rpm. And I feel that GT TDI 1.6 L Diesel will deliver unwanted pickup for the vehicle, as it is doing well in Vento or Rapid,at a cost of nearly 2 Lakhs extra.A test drive is not available for the same. Analyzing such a scenario I would prefer 90 bhp Punto Diesel as with normal diesel Punto the engine was Fairly responsive at all rev and much better above 1800 rpm.Please post your views

  5. Ok fine rssh, Thanks.

    Now one car left is MS SX4, in my consideration. Really I like this car (along with Esteem).

    Now feel that, due to the existing pricing and config.. of cars in India, INL manufactures like VW, Fiat, Skoda Chevy, Renault etc are unable to go for a better pricing for their cars in India and and I appreciate that they are not so much downgrading their cars here, while compromising in safety,FE and Int/Ext Features.

    What are the opinions abt SX4;; Safety, getting obsolete, AS&S and future spares (This post is so Important for me)

    Kindly update

    I had a test drive of Skoda Rapid Fiat Punto(Same Engine as Linea) and New Honda City

    What I found was just like this

    Skoda Rapid 1.6 L Diesel ...................Really I enjoyed the ride . The pickup( with A/C), gear, clutch, suspension, steering,vision (front and rear), seats, A/C. This is a really good car But my concerns about this car is AS&S and maintenance cost, Pricing and FE and Resale Value. The control of the vehicle is Very Very Good

    Fiat Punto 1.3L Diesel. (My current car is Punto 1.2 L Petrol). As I drove the diesel and I could not feel much difference in pickup(with A/C), The only difference I felt was with the clutch, suspension and steering ; They have improved a lot. But not the prices. As I was planning for a hatch back initially, I opted a test drive of Punto rather than Linea The riding quality is == to Skoda. My concerns for Fiat is Resale Value, AS & S, Pickup. The control of the vehicle is excellent.

    New Honda City

    The Car's body is beautiful and modern. I did not like the Grills so much, as it covers full of the front. ( The mouth should no be so wide as the face). The ride quality is fine, suspension is fine, Interiors and Ext are excellent. And I felt this car is optimized with reference to Maruti Suzuki. Regarding the pickup;;hmm it is Ok with such a FE but lagging behind Fiat DE. The Fiat DE are giving good pickups with good FE. May be the gear ratio has to be further optimized (1-2-3) for Honda City

    (For more, if required, I may post on request)

    But for sedans like these I Expect more from Fiat and Honda :

    I am waiting for the test drive of VW Vento and MS SX4

    Replies and suggestions Please

  6. Thanks LeoRahi, rssh, dr.Nishu

    As far as safety is concerned what is the position of New Honda City and Amaze.Does Amaze has the same engine of City. The executive says so.

    My Concerns are Brake system, Fire prevention, Airbags, Seat belt's efficiency, Body Built, Fire retardant plastics, Bye passable power windows and center locks. Air conditioner gas leakage proof system inside the cabin, (Accidentally gas leakage to inside cabin drove a family to unconsciousness and finally death to a family)

    All safety systems may not be available in all cars, and that we can consider .

    I feel I should stick to the thread

  7. Dear Silent Friends : help me to decide with my new diesel car.

    Type: Sedan/Notch back

    Manufacturer : VW, Honda,Fiat,Maruti,Skoda

    Budget on the road : 10Lacs(Mumbai w/o octroi)

    Prime Requirement : Safety

    Second requirement : AS&S

    third :Lowest maintenance and cost

    Fourth : Riding Quality

    Fifth :Looks

    Sixth :Brand Value

    Seventh............I don't want to bore you

    expecting replies

  8. which all cars ,in the lower midrange( <=10 lac ex-showroom) have most intelligent airbag and safety system. If the air bag is not activated when the car is crashed from the behind, and when all will it get activated. What are the settings for it . What are the important specifications of seat belt and airbags. One of my friend landed his car one lane below while he was driving downside a high range, and trying to overtake a truck. The passengers escaped safely but the car got severly damaged. What will help in such accidents, braking is of no use. The sturdyness of the body of car, structure, airbags, seat belts, fire proof system, suspension, any thing else.

    kidly reply, please come up with excellent data.

  9. It was a good feedback from indroneel. Other than drunken driving there are other human errors like absent mindedness, learners stage, not following traffic rules, blackouts( yesterday I nearly saw a driver slammed his etios to an electric post in a clear colony road). Some cars come with ABS have option to enable/disable option. Can any one explain why vehicle sometime moves while brake is fully pressed and do this happen with ABS. Are there any particular specs for seat belt that we should really care for.

  10. @ dr_nishu Thanks for the reply. the purpose of ABS I am looking forward is for long route speed (~100 km/hr) as well as bumper to bumper traffic. with ABS is there a chance that the vehicle continue moving while the brake is completely pressed, in heavy traffic, with speed ~ 5-15 km/hr. I have experinced this with vehicle without ABS. however I manage this by using clutch-gear-clutch technic.

    and what exactly is locking( the wheel or brake) and how does ABS help in bumper to bumper traffic.

  11. It was a very nice and acceptable response from LeoRahi . Generally ABS is associated antagonistically with the dampness of the roads. Long drive roads are mostly rubberized ( tar/ dhamor based). Will they function properly on damp concrete roads . did any one felt locking of the brakes while in heavy traffic and do it make sense with ABS. I am trying to focus on ABS (time sake)

    Please give reply

  12. What are the most required safety features and equipments and when are these required ?

    Other optional safety features and benefits and how to use ?

    How much these are effective in Indian roads ?

    Do you believe Indian cars lacks in safety features and why ?

    Do the road safety lie only in the hands of car driver and car manufacturer ? (?? RTO)

    Kindly answer honestly. This will help me to decide my new car



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  13. Thank you LeoRahi. I just contacted the guy . the moblie number is correct.

    I want to go for a tyre replamenet also. What is the best tyre opted, for a little heavy hatch backs like Fiat Punto. Appolo, Goodyear or Bridgestone. Are there any grades/codes for durability, performance, etc if any