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  1. Shortlist your requirements and features in the car as many features could not be added later or adding extra features later will spoil the beauty and safety. Finalise fuel type. ( I suggest to include CNG) Consider your nearest and only reputed service centres and dealers. Make your budjet a little more flexible. At this stage I believe strongly that there will be only one or maximum two options. Now you could decide much easily. Please post your decision
  2. I use to keep Rat poison permanently in the car during night. It could get rid of rats but be careful with children
  3. I have read that Jazz will come by the end of 2014, that means a waiting of nearly 10 months. Eco-sport would have perfomed well but the prices as too high, but in Indore the bookings are full till March. Is there any speculation for ecosport coming with a new configuration/facelift. I am planning for a new car(hatch back) by March 2014. What are the scopes till March.
  4. The Indians had welcome "Use and Throw" pens, starting with Reynolds. But I dont think that we can adopt the same slogan in the case of cars. All need proper service and some like me needs precision also. I think FIAT should prove that they are good at service after sales and warranty period and should be more responsible. The managers may no be the losers, finally, as they can jump from one tree to another but Fiat will be.
  5. Check if this happens while your airconditioner is ON. If it is On then try to go for higher gears a little early. Mostly this happens when the speed of the car and the gear ratio doen't match
  6. I think you have shortlisted Brio and Grand i10. Now check the reputation of the dealer and your convenience to reach the service centre and coming back after the car is put for service. Compare fuel efficiency, ground clearance, turning radius etc. As most of the other features are already available in the top versions
  7. Collect all athe documents regarding service and maintenance( like bills, job card etc). Go through the documents and collect evidences that you have informed the service centre about the problem, in time . Talk to the mahindra customer care and get a complain number, always. Many of the workshop people are careless and ill-experienced as the service centres hire them for low salaries. we should improve the knowledge in car maintenance so that we will not be fooled. Try hard with mahindra and make it that you will get justice from the service centre
  8. Experts please help by Who will give the remedy for defects in " Implementing Macpherson strut " system of suspension. I have confimed that the problem with the fast wear and tear of the right rear tyre of my Unto, is a manufacturing defect of Punt 2009 (Fiat) in the weak spring of rear suspension plus Implementing the Macpherson strut, in the vehicle as the major defect is with the Camber. My car doesn't have faced any major accidents those affect the chasis. For the information of my friends, we should know what Macpherson strut means in cars is that only TOE of the car is provided for adjustment for wheel alignment and caster and camber are fixed design for the car; and if any owner face difficulty with these then, the are manufactring defects. I need a needy and urgent reply, unbiased and sincere. Kindly help me to Improve the automobile industry in India for the favour of all the citizens of India. And let us not allow any one to exploit our nation; let it may be an Indian or foriegner
  9. So now you have too many options. Then go for a test drive. Go for the best deal of after sales service in your locality and the dealer reputation. Check the parking facilities in your city. Analyse the interior luxury and comfort. Check for other specs like ground clearance, turning radius, kerb weight to BHP ratio and the running conditions of your city( many bumps, gutter, spead breakers suggest best ground clearence and kerb weight to BHP ratio) . Try to imaginize what the car manufacturer thinks about your choice compared to what you imagine. Finally Budjet and milage. and please reply after the test drives.
  10. Nice post... good work.. What about other years like 2008,2009 etc
  11. Hi Britto Thanks for the reply. What about Ford ecosport and ecoboost
  12. Thank u for the replies( though very few) Frankly, I don't like the looks of Maruti Suzuki( Except Esteem), Hyundai(Except Getz) and Tata cars when I bought Punto, there was only three models left for my options 1. Hyundai Getz 2.Chevrolet Aveo uva, and Fiat Punto. Getz and Uva were under the fear of geting obsolete. Really I am fedup with the servicing of my car and bike( yamaha). In Indore(MP.) It is not only with the case of Fiat, nearly service of all workshops are similar. Kindly post your good and bad experiences with your service centres. Jazz is out of market. But I admire its configuration. It has to be optimized for Indian market.What is the exchange policy of Honda, can you help please. India has become a dumping place for foriegn inefficient cars. Is it due to the poor quality of petrolium in India or the foriegn car manfacturers are exploiting us.
  13. Dear all I want to sell off my Punto due to poor service in Indore (MP). My budjet for a new car is underlined by her 1.style; 2. service after sales; 3.Competency, sincereness, value for money in service. 4. More options of Local service centres; 5. Vehicle pickup facility for service. 6. Rigidity of drive and Sturdyness of the car. 7. Fuel economy (that doesn't exploit Bharat( India); (most of the cars running abroad have a better fuel economy than the cars running in India; I request more posts for this fact) 8. Value for Money and Passion of the quality that we hold in our heart for the car I writes with a sheafer having a passion for waterman and lamy I loves the efficiency of a chinese hero pen also. Kindly help me as soon as possible
  14. Thank you friends for the reply. I have just opened the handbrake console of Punto. I could see the switch beneath the handbrake. But the wire connected to the switch is broken and I could not find the other end of the wire as only a piece of wire (3 to 4 inches) is left with the switch( Mouse might have cut the wire) Also same is the case of cabin light. I require the cabling layout of the car.
  15. Dear Friends I need the wiring layout and details of Fiat Punto. Do any one have the factory repair manual of Punto My Punto is 2009 make. I face different problems with the wiring. Like my cabin light, Hand brake indicator, speakers doesn't work. My workshop is long away and I hire driver to send and bring my car for the repairs. Often works remains pending. please help
  16. Twice rats have caused damage to my Punto. It cut down different wires, rubbers, filters and sponges used in AC duct. The mortien Rat poison cake was of no use for big ones. These rats eat this poison and enjoys and comes again the next day. But when I used cheaper poison, I got the output. But the cost for it was very big. Once I had to remove the luggage carpet to remove the dead rat, yesterday I had to detach the front bumper and head light to remove the rotten rat from the AC vent. I wonder why the car manufacturers are ignorant about the fact that in India they should do the finest solution so that rats or even snake should not enter the car through openings under the car. Do any one have a life time solution for this other than mouse trap and poison. Kindly help
  17. @librankur, where could we buy such gadjets. Is it possble to buy online. @Ajit car crazy, you are such a caring son. Please post here when u finds a solution Good luck
  18. If you are sure with the fuel reading indicator, go for tuning only after talking to the Company customer care. Do it technically and don't rely on mechanics. In my opinion a company tuned car shouldnot be tuned in the local service centre or workshop. They dont have the complete setup to do it technically
  19. I presume that the age of your parents may be around 60-65; sitting for a long time with folded or half folded legs is not easy for any one in the old age, or even after 40. you should consider halting and having a body stretch after 70-80 Km. cushions could not help this situation.
  20. Service centre could not have changed the tyres as I was aware of the gradual wear and tear of the tyres. But How could the dealer sell a car with used tyre!. Is re-treading possible in small tyres? Really a serious issue. If the tyres have been changed by any one is is possible to track the existing tyres using any serial number or batch number or anty thing else. this comes interesting Thank you
  21. Super splendor is better than shine as I know a guy who sold his shine and bought super splendor six months before and is very much happy with it in mileage and pickup. He often over loads his bike. ( he is a farmer)
  22. Usually only two of us travel in the car. I dont have fitted CNG and usually the boot space is empty. My garage has a slope of approximately 4 degrees otherwise the car is parked at plain surface. Nearly I use to drive 20 Km daily but the road is not so even( typical village road). The left tyre wear is towards outside tread while right side tyre is wear towards inside.
  23. Nice Post, Really Swift is an optimized hatch back but priced a little higher. What about the performance of the vehicle while climbing hills. Please reply
  24. Thank you for the replies Only once the wheel balancing was done. But the problem prevailed. I dont know if the wheel balancing is not proper then both of the rear tyres will get worn out . Is it like that if the wheel balancing is poor of one wheel it will affect the other wheel also
  25. Dear All My Punto Petrol1.2 has travelled only 25000 Km in four years, but the rear tyre has worn out to almost 80%, and the front tyres are perfect. As the wearing out was too fast I did not rotate the wheels as it it may damage the good tyres also. Wheel alignment was done four times but no improvement was observed. Kindly help me to sort out the problem. I am starting a new topic to get full atttention Thanking You