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  1. dear all,

    Both the real wheels of my Punto 1.2 Petrol is finished 70% while wear and tear of the front wheels are only nealy 10 %. As the wear and tear was very fast and I did not opt for wheel rotation as it may damage the other two wheels also. thrice I have done wheel alignment but the service men says the wheel alignment is OK. Please tell me what may be the other reasons so that I could talk with the service men. The car has travelled only 25000 Km in four years

  2. You are right sibasis. Except for few parts, the price of Fiat Spares are either compatible of low when compared with other brands

    Thanking again for the post. The problem with current service centres are that, they are mostly the brother concern of previous TATA service centres. Also the availability of spares and accessories is poor and one has to wait for long time. Let us hope for further improvement from Fiat

  3. I have something to say about the long clutch and initial gears. In traffic the clutch is helpful but no acceleration should be given. If you accelerate and meanwhile try to release clutch in 1st and 2nd gears the car jerks as if you are learning riding. So after a traffic jam the car takes time to pickup.Other than this problem there is nothing. The matter may be with gear ratio. If you raise the car in 1st gear then u will be forced to put the gear directly to 3rd or 4th skipping intermediate gears. just experience this next time. And with AC this worsens. But as Bala said this is a matter while in the startup. In long driving the usage of clutch and gear will be less provided the road is smooth but for messy roads one should go slowly and for riding 80-100 km road where the road is so messy.

  4. As a Punto 1.2L petrol owner I never feel the car is sluggish after I shift the gear to 2nd. In highways the car is excellent. Only problem I face is when in startup. I has to wait till the car starts moving atleast 2-3 meters then I could accelerate. If I accelerate in the beginning the car jumps and the clutch control is difficult. If I hastly take off the car by releasing clutch in a speedy way the car gets off. It may be only my experience and if anyone has got a different experience please write

  5. For me it is like this.

    External appearance:20.(like a beauty)

    Brand :10 (let us not speak cast or religion)

    Fuel economy and performance:20 (let it be worth)

    Basic cost :10 (One has to pay)

    Interior:20 (what of use if skin is white and heart is black)

    space and size : 10(let us be cooperative)

    Robust :10(safety that I like)



  6. My opinion about Etios is also is that this a poor designed car From Toyoto. This sedan comes with the kerb weight of a hatch back and If I remember correct the 1.5L engine is only 80bhp. Plastics color is fine but quality is very poor. The dash board is even vibrating when we push. It cannot be even compared with D'zire. D'zire is an excellent car. When I inquired about the power and all the sales executive was saying that one should not question Toyota's design as if big brands never makes mistakes. I didn't even wanted to test drive the car after having a look at the car 

  7. Punto's styling cannot be beaten by POLO. The drive of  Punto is excellent for even my 1.2L petrol Punto. Of course the instant pickup whiile startup is a lagging feature of Punto 1.2L but with 1.4L there might not be much problem.You also should compare the inside space of both the cars. Consider your height also and then decide.Since you are going for Emotion I appreciate.My  feel of Punto while driving is that Iam driving a heavy and rugged car. Now the dealers and service centers has increased and there might not be much problem in service also. But always Maruti-Suzuki launches and maintains optimisation in performance in every aspects

  8. Thank you for those posts. My car has traveled only 6900 Km so I was confused whether to change those filters that the mechanic said. I had already put  the car on service and the owners manual was in the car. I was aware that some filters should be changed but I thought in the next service I could change these then the car would have traveled around 15000 Km. This second service is a free one

  9. Dear All, My Punto Active 1.2L travelled around 6900 KM and it is due for second service since One year has passed. Please tell me what all filters are to be changed and if any other things should be changed. What all things to be taken care while putting the car on service

  10. Dear Bala you have covered many points. Punto price is still in the higher end and to survive it has to compete with Figo. recently I got one mail from Fiat that it launched central locking for Punto Active and it costs around ten thousand where as central locking for Linea is only around four thousand five hundred. The seat of Punto should be adjustable for all models since the roof is so low for 6 feet guy there is no problem but for 5 feet guy seat is very low. so also front pillars since it is too slanting visibility is poor while in curves. Fabric trim should have been there in all models to conceal dull plastic on doors.Even though the hatch back is lengthy rear space is not so good. Can't Fiat reduce the thickness of seats. It should reduce weight to increase power or should not have launched 1.2L on Punto. Let Fiat be more practical since Indian customer is always aware of value for maney

  11. Dear All, I attended one free checkup conducted by FIAT  my intention was to slightly loosen the clutch. But I came to know that The clutch is hydraulic and I will have to take the vehicle to Bhopal for service. Can I loosen the tightness of the clutch while maintaining the completeness of the clutch or how can this be optimized. Some times it happens like this that while putting to reverse gear TRRRR sound comes and the gear is not properly engaged. This happens at full clutch condition . Do anybody had such experience. My vehicle is Punto Active1.2L

  12. mine is Punto Active petrol September  manufacturing date but I also face this stalling problem. it seems I found why this stalling occur. I should change to upper gears soon. Like I should go for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears at speeds 10, 15,35,45 Km/h respectively and if I go for 3rd gear after 30 Km/h the vehicle is stalling like a ball has fell in a curved cup. Now I use this criteria to change gears. And the feel of each gear is different. And the gears are too hard so also the clutch is too tight. Should I also go for CSS change even if my vehicle is Sep made

  13. If you have budgets go for Emotion pack. Punto is a good buy. The car is very stable and body is strong and this makes this car a little heavy when compared to other cars. approx 150 Kg this is heavier. The engine is not so noisy. the sound you hear may be because of the bigger tubeless tyre. Check every aspects of the car before taking the car from showroom.Best of luck

  14. Ok Bala I also consider like this. After some 3k Km it would be more used to. Iam not comparing  Punto with i1, only I wanted to mention the gear user friendly. U know all my friends were delighted to see Punto in my office campus. More than 100 people came to see Punto knowingly and may be more than that, but Iam not aware. Everybody liked the look, drive, interior and color. And mind it it is only Active model. They would have astonished if they have seen Emotion Pack. Please anyone  reply me regarding the wiper water and clutch tension and all