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  1. I own Punto 1.2L Petrol. Of course I should have gone for 1.4L for better power. I feel the clutch is too tight and Iam planning to loosen a little since there is a shuddering of the car while putting to upper gears while in speed .Even when I put to first gear a little hastly the car is shuddering but in I10 there is no such shuddering and the gears are too soft. But if I loosen the clutch will it affect the clutch plate and gears. for the windshield wiper fluid what are the norms. Should I go for DM water mixed with alittle soap to avoid scaling in side the pipes and better performance. I will upload My Punto's photo soon. Harikkuttan

  2. hello guys, I brought Fiat Punto on 15th this month. White color Active 1.2L petrol. I brought it from Bhopal to Indore 220 Km at a single stretch .Excellent stability we felt at even 100 Km speed. 80% we were at 100 Km speed. I dont know if this is not good for the engine. Power is ok. I feel Bala said the right thing. In ghat area I  will have to switch off AC. I showed Punto to my office colleagues. Every body liked the look and drive of the car. 

  3. How can we confirm that the audio system is original or not. Generally is a power amplier is required or the basic head unit will do the job. After finding the power we may go for any speaker as per the size and power. does Blaupunkt  dealers keep all the models. Are the audio systems comprises of different channel like 5.1 or they are simple stereos. Since this is a thread for audio system Iam using this thread. The creator please consider

  4. They brought Punto MJD 1.3 for test drive and it was okay. Comparing 1.2L Punto with kerb weight 1140 Kg and Palio1.1 Kerb Weight 990 Kg it accounts for a difference of 150 Kg with and extra power of 11 PS and extra torque of only 4Nm. using common sense I was calculating the power per passenger+Kerb weight ratio. Palio:Punto comes as 0.044 : 0.047 ie only a slight increase in power is observed. Is this calculation correct. If it is correct then Punto 1.2 L petrol also may be under-powered.Oh God.

  5. smiley1.gif Dear Bala, I  have seen the car and since this is my first car I dont know driving. I understand that swift will be shifting to Euro -4  K series engine.The main reason that Iam not going to Swift is the same reason and I hate Ritz. But Punto 1.2L petrol  is as per Euro-3 emission.Am I correct . I wrote to FIAT support team regarding this but they are not responding. does  Punto multijet diesel engine comples to euro-4 emission standard.

    Thanking you Hari

  6. No Bala I haven't called TM. Iam new to this forum. What is TM. And what is BIV .Please tell me. Yesterday I went to see  Punto and Linea .Mechmen motors Bhopal brought it to Indore to deliver it to some customer. But I saw other customers test driving these same cars. Is it ok. The sales guy said that since there is no Showroom at Indore they allow others to testdrive new cars. But I cant cope with that Idea.And as I enquired about the odometer he said chain is been removed. If it is correct then how could I know that how many Km the car has run before purchasing.They says one service station will be starting within 3 months in Indore. Can I trust them. The dimensions of Punto is great but when we enter the car I didn't feel it. In the front it is ok but rear it is little bit cramped

  7. Dear All, Iam from Indore and is planning to buy a new hatch back car. Grande Punto (active model) or Uva or Swift. Fiat doesn't have a dealership in Indore and no service station so I amin difficulty to buy Grande Punto. I don't know the about the future of Tata tie-up with Fiat. With Uva Ia have heard that GM is launching new car in 2010 and may discontinue Uva gradually. Is it true. My last option is swift vxi. Which car should I go for considering all aspects ie,technically, feature-wise and practical problems. Please reply me