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  1. Mahindra Xylo Bought it in october 2009 Pros: +Refined engine +space +performance +ride +features Cons: -stupid amount of space which means less boot space -no airbags -plastic quality in some areas
  2. only the a4 has a new look but the other audi sedans have an older look
  3. For me its the BMW 7-series because it has got the aggresive looks,its a drivers car and it has got the best performance. Benz S-class:the styling is not aggresive Audi A8: the syling looks like it has been ddesigned in the 18th century
  4. yesterday we had a nasty experience.we went to ooty yesterday and while over taking a lorry we hit the lorry.the sound after the crash was very noisy but after seeing the damaged part it was slightly damaged.then i came to know that it had robust steel body.tomorrow it is going to the showroom for tinkering work.can we drive a new vehicle up hill???
  5. the racing cannot be used for reguar uses because its an illegal act rockinganush2009-11-08 13:20:50
  6. i think something is abnormal with your vehicle.check it with an authorised dealer
  7. what about the build quality.
  8. its because of the gm downfall