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  1. I still ride Pulsar 180cc I bought it in 2001, thats been 8 years now. I still ensure 3kms min ride every day Bike is totally different world, i would say free world. Coolboy007, enjoy your bike, drive safe, and its nice to see that you got good riding gears. If possible get a good knee guard too.
  2. Come to Surat, you will find every 3rd car with CNG and yet we dont have to wait too long for CNG Filling. Gone are the days of power loss due to CNG. New CNG kits with Lamda control and other improvements have made it quite a good option. Also CNG causes lower pollution as compared to diesel. bike2car2009-11-04 05:20:00
  3. Linea owners kindly provide the details if possible. Thanks
  4. @rki2007: Thanks for suggestions. I already own a Linea Emotion Pack and I am trying to collect this information to check hows the pricing and taxations differs at various places.
  5. Can someone share following details about Linea pricing and invoices 1. Ex Factory Price (This is mentioned in RTO booklet (RC book)) 2. Total Vat and CESS (This is mentioned in the invoice made by dealer) 3. Total RTO charges 4. Insurance charges and value of the car shown on the insurance documents. 5. Extended warranty charges 6. Accessory charges and other charges 7. How much did you paid for booking 8. Total paid up amount for car Kindly mention the model along with price, like MJT Emotion Pack or FIRE Dynamic etc etc. Thanks
  6. Wed, Oct 28 05:48 AM Silverio Bonfiglioli, chief operating officer International Operations, Fiat Group Automobiles, said that the new low-cost car would be a mass product particularly suited for the Indian market. "We are currently developing cars for various markets out which the low-budget car will be for India. Also the new variants of Grande Punto and Linea will soon be launched in the country," said Bonfiglioli. Source :
  7. Few Clarifications 1. You can bring in a new Hayabusa along with you if you are NRI on Transfer of Residence basis. 2. You can also import a vehicle if you can prove the Hayabusa in Dubai is different form Hayabusa sold in India. 3. If you are into racing sports and a certified PRO then also you can bring in your vehicle for race participation etc and would be required to take it back along with you. Generally they give 3 - 6 months of period for same. Alternately since you already in to MOTOGP and racing stuff, i would suggest you to buy the bike from india and bring along all the mod kits and addon fitments from saudi. I hope this helps
  8. Hi, I seek the help of Blue & Me users for following scenarios 1. How to reduce the voice (volume) of Lady Speaker in Blue & Me. 2. How do you disconnect a call, Dial <Home> makes a call, but i dont know what command to use to stop it from dialing. Tried "Hang Up", "Stop", "Quit" etc etc. 3. How to increase or decrease the call volume during a call? 4. Can I mute the mic during the call ? If yes, How? (I dont want to mute the speaker at same time) 5. B&M doesnot update phonebook and last call list automatically from phone. I have to do the update manually, can this be automated.? 6. Do we have any option change the voice style of Blue and Me, "Lady Speaker" its too robotic at times. It would have been interesting if FIAT Linea could had a 7 or 9" touch screen instead of that current music player. And when ever Blue and Me gets activated a female could come up as operator on screen. By the way has anyone installed screen in Linea?
  9. Thanks for thread starter that he didnt mentioned "FIAT" in the polls, other wise i am very sure the FIAT Fans would have came in here and marked it as the best. I have seen results in best petrol engine section and places where FIAT is compared with others. Yes FIAT is a very good company with very good products, and one has to give all credit that even after such a messy track record there are die hard fans. I dont say the fans can be only seen on forums. I saw a die hard FIAT Palio Fan when i was at dealers place. He came to buy Punto in exchange of Palio, he was still betting very high on palio although had problems with spares (also paid over 1L for chassis replacement), but vouched that it was the best car he ever head and thats why he is buying second FIAT car. And mind it he was very desi katiyawadi (Gujrati from remote western Gujarat with all frills in his dress - typical dandiya/garba dress ), probably someone from farms or dairy industry. I was amazed. FIAT with just 2 major cars to sell, i dont think they had much for the title. It would be nice if someone can set in the parameters to consider "Best Vehicles in India".
  10. Thats good given 2.0L engine. Keep enjoying the engine. And I hope that mileage is after a sporty ride and not a sedate drive to get more juice out of car.
  11. @DD: Feature in car and Engine are two different things, the voting is for engine here pal. And you voted for chevy 2.0L even without doing a TD. Comeon, thats over enthusiasm.
  12. @DD: I feel it would more be like a pit bar on beach side party, its too high for a tea table Every car has its on class and styling, one should try to add on to the looks and not try to change its stands. If owner is happy then it should not concern others.
  13. Although I own FIAT FIRE 1.4, I would vote for 1.5 Vtech, its more powerfull, gives good mileage and is a gem to be trusted blind foldly. FIRE 1.4 is a good engine and is tunned for better mileage, but it is rough and at times feel coarse if you compare it with vtech.
  14. I dont think FIAT willl take so much of pain in building up a luxrious hatch at this point of time. It is yet to set up its base and in house right. CAR like Fiat 500 didnt to do much good for them in making a image icon. As majority of Indians dont know about 500 similarly neither they are aware of Bravo or any such car. (only few hundered or thousands read arround internet in india, and most of readers are auto enthus and not really buyer of the product) What i see the next steps from FIAT is to try to build trust about its products and good services. FIAT FIRST is one such step, they are doing some good things and I feel really excited by there attitude, they are trying to turn all stones in right direction, and belive me its gonna 100 times harder for them after the kind of repo they have currently in India. so instead of expanding product mix at this time when they just came up with 2 models in less than 1 year, there focus should be building the customer base and repo atleast for next 2 -3 years, mean while they can improve upon the product based on the customers feedback. Once they find that they have ample cusion for bringing other products, then they can try that. Also looking at where honda jazz has landed up, i dont expect FIAT to make even 5% of that if they bring in any hatchback thats priced higher than Jazz
  15. Thats interesting piece of facts @creativebala. I would like to know if this is for international version of GP and SWIFT or its for Indian version of SWIFT and GP?