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  1. Hi Davies...... Welcome to the forum.....CYRUS432009-10-02 19:53:48
  2. yes prashurv the front does look awesome but the rare
  3. the front is futuristic good but the back seems to look frm the past ugly.
  4. bluesapphire i agree wiyh u abt the new indica vista i have driven it the engine seems good it was a diesel version it was brand new ie a few days old..... but lets see how it will be after some time......
  5. But is there someone here in this forum who actually owns a NANO . He would be the real actual person to give a clearer picture on it after driving it time & again & having it for a while...... His/Her verdict or comment will have weight.
  6. I think the best thing for me to do is to tell him to go & take a test drive & decide for himself if he wants it or not
  7. hi lovemycar many thanks for the info will keep that in mind.......... appreciate your kind gratitude on my new buy ....?CYRUS432009-10-02 20:04:40
  8. guys does anyone on this forum owes a tata nano? If so can u kind enough to lemme know is it worth shellin 1+ lac on it & which is the best variant to buy. As my uncle is dying to get & had asked me my opinion on it. Unfortunately I could not furnish any detail to him. So someone can give me his honest opinion will be APPRECIATED. Thanks...CYRUS432009-10-01 20:15:58
  9. yes speed i am wid u the wait i enquired is 9 months.... man a baby is born in this much time CYRUS432009-10-02 08:31:02
  10. sry not a big GM fan....had a Gm vehicle before was not happy wid it...the resale value sucked bad....CYRUS432009-10-01 19:45:28
  11. after much await toyota has launched the fortunner.... its worth the wait....pricing seems good....CYRUS432009-10-02 08:30:40
  12. Hello?everybody...I'm?Tieizo? new to this form infact to any forum this is my 3rd post i soon will?be getting?Honda city i wanted to is garware suncontrol film good? I am getting it for free with my car. Some one plz lemme know.... Many thanks.... App it.CYRUS432009-10-02 20:04:06
  13. sure shahid will do so when I get it done, thanks
  14. thanks mate. their quality looks awesome. will get intouch tmwr.
  15. Hi Shahid. Can you plz give me RYDER contact details. I need to do my Honda City.