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  1. Tata Indigo LX (2003 Model) Bangalore City : 12.5-12.8 Highway : 15. if driving over 120kmph and AC 90% 18: If driving around 80 with 50% AC.
  2. What i really meant by "speak well about Tata quality" was to indicate that I know what products Tata make. They have a very predctiable quality standard (most of the time its not upto mark ). All tata cars have some or the other niggling problems. They are mostly issues that we can live with. Also keep in mind that Tata always gives cars ... that are value for money. Most people may not like it ... but Tata has compromised quality for cost.
  3. Guys, Please be fair in comparison. We can always compare a safari to Land Cruiser and tell safari is bad. The new version of safari is the VVT engine. I had test drove that. In terms of power and refinement ... i find it way ahead of other Tata cars. Note that iam a user of a tata car, I can surely speak well about Tata quality.
  4. How about the Diesel part ? As i indicated, my usage is quite low. Sometime i dont even use the car for a week.
  5. Starting from 2nd gear is surely bad for cluth. Skipping gears is no issues, infact if used correctly it will increase fuel efficiency. Generally when stopping the car, i always go down from 5th to 3rd. I have never seen any issues.
  6. Hi Guys, Currently I own a Tata Indigo and looking for a upgrade. The following are my considerations .. 1. Should be able to move 4 adults and 2 kids. 2. Given the road conditions of bangalore, Car should be happy with bad roads. 3. The monthly usage is pretty low. About 800Km. 4. Budget is under 10L. Cars I considered ... Tata Safari + Big and Handsome guy + Saisfies my Ego - Diesel Aspect. Worried about low usage and maintinence aspects. Linea - Cannot move 4 + 2. - Yet to test drive it. Innova - Its probably got into taxi segment. Hate the looks of it. + Yet to test drive it. Still can consider it. Do i have a better choice ? Sugestions please.