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  1. Well definitely not.... somewhere i read its a new generation advanced 1200 CC petrol engine. This to me looks very much the case of 1.3L Multijet Diesel which almost everyone is using in India. Three companies Suzuki,Hyundai & GM coming up with 1.2L Petrol engine makes me suspect the much talked about Ritz/A-star KB series Engine, i10 Kappa Engine and this new Beat engine is a new collaboration effort just like 1300 CC diesel.
  2. well i have a hunch (based on TV car review) that this car is going to do a 'swift' in Indian Market. Lets see.
  3. Hi, Just saw another review at Carwale Good to see a damn new good looking car but am quite surprised at the pricing of this car. With so much styling attached to it and so many features and good design GM sure must be hardpressed to price it at 3.75Lakh (base one). I have read on web as to how all World class autos (except Tata, Maruti & probably Hyundai...... even nissan is finding it tough for their nano competitor) lose money on their Mini/Hatch cars and for a company which is just-out-of-bankruptcy, they must be doubly hard-pressed to keep their cost in limits to get us this price. Although i am sure the final pricing would be roughly 10K lower than this to get the initial/launch acceptance but i think even at this price its a damn good proposition to a new buyer. I am sure game for one.
  4. Here is one awesome review....though doesn't change my view of the product. But very detailed and some awesome pics.
  5. I love the website.... with the low breathing lighting & breathing headlights in a tunnel, it quite looks like a tiger breathing in its Den.... Good work on the website...Has any one test driven the car so far here?
  6. though i don't quite like the Boring & odd looking dashboard, but the change in Tail lights and back side is general is much desired. Any source of these high quality pics?
  7. I don't see those coloured Panels below in Indian Beat though that was the one on display at 2009 geneva autoshow beat. Is it confirmed this futuristic Tacho is same for Indian beat?
  8. I think its one of those Test Cars thats running around the country.... surprising thing is that this car is carrying Gujrat number whereas it is hugely advertised that the new GM small car is coming out of its Talegaon/Pune Plant. so ideally it should be coming with MH temporary number...
  9. I am not sure about the Airbag fuss (though not sure it is only 2 airbag) but the car seems to have highest safety rating in Australia. I loved watching this WTCC crash to realize how strongly built car is cruze... amazing video....
  10. Whoa..... has the booking already started?.... i haven't even seen the Ads till now...
  11. Whoa..... has the booking already started.... i haven't even seen the Ads till now...
  12. Well can't understand a thing out of it dude.... Good post Mods Keep it up