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  1. The Manza is an exteded product on the already robust XC platform. More cars coming from this platform are:- 1. Tata X4 aka Dolphin 2. Tata X-over or the Indicruz 3. X1 or Vista sports Amongst all these cars the Indicruz looks the part. Its a chunky looking competitor with monocoque chassis to chase the Innova out Platform sharing seems a very cheap option. This novel concept was started by BMW for their X5 plant in Germany & US, where they roll out as much as 3 model series completely from the same assembly lines. The only disadvantage is limited mechanical flexibility of the models coming out of the same platform leading to monotonous tuning of the cars You guys tell me what you think??? Cheers to auto industry....its good that we Indians are supporting our indigenous mother of all brands. US did with FOrd & GM, Germany did with VW, MB, BMW. We can do the same. The only inhibition is the resstance of Tata from within They have a farse notion of picking up individuals who have no enthusiasm & flexibility in minds. This has led them to a rut!!! If you are some one very polite & docile in your ambitions, then send your CV to Tata Motors today, they will hire you & put your career in oblivion. And this reflects in their proucts. Trust my experience
  2. Your costing is uneasy - suggest you study deeper before developing such datas or else you may get branded FICTITIOUS NO offences dude_Fortuner is well priced,save for the import duties & taxes here I am into same business as you are & share same sentiments as you do, but your notion may change if you scratch deep under & findout the facts & figures rather than going for kill I dislike these overconfident Japs,but this time they did a decent job Better luck next time friend....btw your post did arise someold memoires of mine
  3. Beg to differ here.... Ijust want to knowhow you guys out there claim that prices are HIGH? I dont think anyone apart from selected couple of Autocar Indianshave driven this car Morover cars like CIVIC dont stand chance infront of this car.Jetta is an established product & the investments for it has been already recovered,sono need to over price it Cruze was developed on tracks of Finalnd rally,driven for months nonstop from Tennessee to Florida, Sarisota, New Jersey, California covering million kilometers per test module.And there were 1500 such modules run And when your sick back your brain having taken the beating of a hitler boss @ office,and then you drive back home,you get a blue lounge ambience in the cabin,comfy seats,quick engine, quickcooling AC, then you'll be bound to rethink that youve over invested How about a billion dollar development recovery? I have been in this industry intothe same lines that develop products & I tell you - every ounce of our hard work that gets converted is either liked or disliked in a jiffy by masses.Think of 200 hours of office before you back home...& then if the product doesnt click,then either you lose that job or some one else does! BTW it doesnt matter what we think & pour out here,the man with his money would buy this car & so will someone amongst us one day No offences meant to any. This is a good price. Enjoy