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  1. Hello Congrats for new car.......i think 1.wagonr is the best 2.it is spacious and suitable for family and 7 members 3.if your employee buy a-star 4.if you want for all purposes buy wagonr 5.also it's mileage is high compared to zen-estilo,a-star Thanks Have a nice time
  2. Hello My Santro OEM battery has lasted for 4 years, 2 months and still going strong. Never once had an issue, I usually drive for around 25 - 30 km a day and couple of times in a year on very long trips. One thing that I follow is, I never switch off the car at traffic signals if the wait is less than 2 minutes, I also avoid switching off the car at small pitstops (4 - 5 minutes) incase someone else is staying back in the car (mainly due to the reason that I use A/C all the time, and it's kept running incase wifey and kids are in the vehicle). Thanks Have a nice time head
  3. Hello Well its not needed - and might turn out to be counter-productive. Better would be a simple clean-up with water spray. Thanks Have a nice time a head.
  4. Hello Well if budget is not a constraint you could go in for Michelin tyres or yokohama. Have used both of them & I am very happy with their performance. For upgrades for tyres 155/70-13 165/65-13 175/60-13 185/60-13 Do not go for 14 inches as that will only make the ride very uncomfortable WRT suspension. You could also PM kpzen aka Prajesh ( Our very own tyre GURU) for further details. Thanks Have a nice time a head.
  5. Hello It depends on your budget. If you want to purchase a new car I think according to your budget.Google is best way to find out any type of the information.Check out the car related website and take the lots of information about car. Thanks have a nice time a head
  6. Hello Read the instructions that came with the speakers. Carefully use the door panel popper to remove the door panel. Remove the old speaker from the door. Heat the Dynamat or Accumat with a heat gun or hair dryer, or leave it out in the sun to heat. Spray glue on the metal surface of the door. Peel the back off of the Dynamat or Accumat, and using the heat gun or hair dryer, heat the material as you apply it to the metal surface. Use a roller to press the material onto the metal so that it bonds with the surface. Drop the speaker into the speaker cavity and screw it securely through the Dynamat or Accumat to the metal of the door. Plug the positive wire into the positive opening on the back of the speaker, and plug the negative wire into the negative opening on the back of the speaker. Plug the other ends of the positive and negative wires into the corresponding inputs on the back of the radio. Remove the factory grilles on the rear deck and take out the old speakers. Drop the new speakers into the openings and wire as you did the door speakers. Cover all exposed wires with black electrical tape. Replace the grilles over the speakers in the rear deck. Replace the door panels on the doors. Keep sharing and reading Thanks
  7. Hello Thanks for sharing this info. Types of Installation: After you identify your vehicle on our Vehicle Selector and select the mounting location, you'll see which speakers fit your car. Speakers labelled "E-Z" will fit in the factory speaker openings and use the factory grilles and brackets. The magnet fits the available space and the tweeters won't interfere with your grilles. Other sizes
  8. The existing models scored more in sales than the new generation cars. The popularity and the success of the old models are the reason for their existence in the Indian car market. Though some of the recent launches like the A-star, Indica Vista and the Corolla Altis have made a good entry but their elder siblings are still strongly contributing to the company's profit. This clearly indicates the demand of these models among the buyers. Hyundai Santro, the flagship model of Hyundai experienced a good sales of 37,236 units in comparison to its next generation hatchback i10, which sold 45,599 cars. The Santro remained a favourite car of many due to its incomparable mileage in its class. Honda also decided to sell its old City though the new generation of the car is launched in market. This decession is against Honda's global strategy of phasing out an existing car once its next-generation is introduced.
  9. Thank Cyrus For Answering all Question Properly,I also don't Know many of Question From them . Thank's Keep sharing.
  10. Well,I remember my first car Was ,Maruti Wagon R ,Actuall I started Driving Car Few Years Back ,Now I'm Using Mercedes.
  11. According to My Views Hyundai Motor India Ltd is best Vehicles in India. Hyundai Motor India Ltd. receives the EEPC
  12. My 'recent' pickup was a 91 GMC K1500, the truck was an old W/T pretty beat up. I'm doing some work to it making a clean daily out of it. Problem is the old owner made a mess of this thing. He sprayed undercoating on the whole damn truck. I've gone through my usual steps to try and remove it (flap disc, chemical stripper, wire wheel, sandblaster) and its all taking way too damn long, the stripper doesnt touch it worth a damn, the flap disc gets clogged up, the wire wheel takes for ever and so does sandblasting (not to mention damn messy). Not concerned about hurting what is under it as i'd like to take the truck down to metal anyways. So anyone got any ideas?
  13. Hi to all members,Before Posting to this forum I thought first to Introduce My self Davies,My hobbies are doing Forum Posting ,Blogging,Earning on the Internet,Recently I Wan't to gain some Information Regarding Autoparts and Car that's Why I'm Joining this Forum,Hope I'll get Some Great Information From this Forum.