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  1. Cyrus43 I know that. What I meant to say is that the chances of xylo toppling over is higher as comapared to other MUV's. Everyone knows that a car with high center of gravity has chances of toppling over but it does not topple over if driving at normal speeds. Thanks for replying to my post.
  2. People of mahindra showroom are themself saying that Xylo have chances of toppling over.
  3. But in Xylo the wheels are small and its height is high therefore chances of car getting topple over is high. People saying that Grande's sale is more high as compared to Xylo. Also please tell that is space in Scorpio and Grande same and among these which one is better. Thanks everyone for taking interest in my post.
  4. I was looking for a SUV and have shortlisted Tata Sumo Grande LX. I would like to know the performance of this car and would also like to know about its engine performance. Someone said that when the AC is switched on there is a drag in the engine. What could be the reason for this. Please help.