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  1. check out india section, you'll be surprised
  2. What an absolute beauty. As usual Ducati designs rock . They are not VFM bikes anywhere in the world. But think of it as a ferrari or lambo on two wheels and VFM goes out of the window
  3. I will pick it up from the office. No probs. Are the pases with anyone in particular? gypcy
  4. I am definitely coming. Please keep a pass for me. Let me know how and where to collect it from. cyrus
  5. My suggestion is that we should get a compere who knows a thing or two about vehicles or should at least be given an opportunity to study the bike and car list - with competitor nos matching the bikes.....last year we had a lady who did not know anything about the vehicles and said ' the yellow bike' the blue bike' etc. Since many of the entries are in advance, this may be possible. Also, is it possible to have any kind of projection screens put up ( with a timer) - with a half shade on top to keep out the sun. It would be great if people in the pits and outside the main stand could at least see the action even if they don't have a pass. I know how tough it is to organise ANY kind of event , especailly one with high speed bikes and cars. Great job guys. Keep it up! gypsy Otherwise the vent was fabulous and am looking forward to being there this year.
  6. I have been trying for the last 1 week to help the driver of solar taxi to get his car insured (3rd party) against unfortunate incidents. I have approached every single insurance company and received all sorts of replies. The car is registered in Switzerland and has an official carnet. It's only PASSING THROUGH India. Can anyone help me with a few answers. I have received contradictory answers of all these questions and am confused. a) Can an insurance company insure a foreign registered vehicle? Is an inspection needed for 3rd party insurance c) what documents are required - some say that the RTO has to give a stamp of road worthiness!!! d) Most insurance companies have refused ( after much questioning) quoting that they will not make money out of it! We are opening our doors to the world. Is this how we welcome travelers passing through? Please answer my questions - if anyone knows anything about insurance guidelines... Alternately, comments are welcome....
  7. well they will be here shortly ( a few years, maybe). A school teacher from switzerland is doinga 50 k journey around the world in a car that runs on solar power as well as electricity. It can do about 400 km on a sunny day with the solar panel attached or 200 on electricity alone.Although these cares are some way off from production...they will be made in the next 5 years or so in larger numbers....
  8. I personally think we should rename SHAMAN FORD as SHAME-ON-U FORD. I have had a disappointing experience, where I have booked a Test Drive of the New Ford Endeavour on two occasions. This is after having applied on their website and having someone from Ford Delhi call me and confirm! They never showed up on both occasions. I even called up and complained. to one person at the dealership who 'promised' that it would not happen again. So much for false promises. Unfortunately, Ford does NOT have an email ID that you can write to and complain or give feedback. So, it's a real pity. Shaman is really ruining whatever equity Ford has in Mumbai.
  9. A lot of it depends on what you want from a bike. I just bought a Honda Super four Hyper Vtec III and I think its a dream. Just a bit heavier than a pulsar, has loads of power, silky smooth and an average of 25 KPL. Parts are easily available - and its anything but a boring bike. Its easy to ride in the city and still gets enough stares. Want to stand out, but a canary yellow one Frankly how often will you drive over 100 kph and not be scared that you'll be hit by a pedestrian, cow, bird.... god knows what else...even on our super highways ..most of which don't allow bikes! This bike is practical, affordable, and a lot of fun to ride even on the highway. but that's just my opinion....
  10. I test rode the 220 twice. For an Indian bike, its very good. Feels well planted and smooth. Didnt buy it coz I am looking fro something sophisticated but heavier. All in all a good buy for the money - just check out the front shocks, I heard that there was a problem with them so wait for a few months.
  11. sure she loks a stunner. But as with all superbikes in India, where are you going to ride this baby? I vote for a Honda CB 400 Hyper Vtec - its neat, easily maoeverable and got more than enough power to get you away from the traffic light first. Most of all, shes a good high way cruiser with a silky smooth engine. I had a GSX 750 and found it almost impossible to ride in Mumbai, though on the highways, shes a dream.
  12. A Big Hi from gypsycy ( hey, they rhymes!) A gypsy by nature and a writer by profession, if it has wheels, Ill give it a second look for sure! I love to drive around the country ( done about 200,000 km so far) on holiday and nothing beats the experience of discovering new places and people on the road! Cheers! cyrus