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  1. Q3 is a competitor for the BMW X1. The Q5 is a competitor for the X3
  2. my most sincere wishes to tsivipul and his kin. may he make a speedy recovery. @crazydoc. thank god you know that saying what you said might be inappropriate. vipul was a very active member i just hope he makes it.
  3. they say only 6700 de loreans were ever made before the company closed up the shop. out of these only 20 were RHD as this car was mainly made for the american market although this was made in the uk. the americans levied cocaine trafficking charges on mr de lorean coz of which he had to shut down the company.
  4. @sarab- thanks and well congrats on your beemer too.. i had driven a fortuner without the break upgrade and compared to it the brakes are much better..i mean they are not that confidence inspiring, the spongy feel is there but the bite is better and if the pressed hard they do their job.. still nowhere in the league of x trail though
  5. @rameshbabu-thanks a lot... i had original mats from toyota only. they were beige, good quality and fitted perfectly..but they were being ruined due to the i got some transparent universal mats fitted in the car. ya i know they dont fit very well. thanks for bringing up the issue..i will either get them cut to fit properly or get some new ones..
  6. 1)Looks- love the menacing headlights. the front end actually looks menacing when u look at in the rearview mirror..which is the reason y u always get a way on the highway.. The rear is actually quite plain jane..they could have done something to spruce up the rear lights.. i think LEDs could really spruce up the rear.. one thing i got added on later was the muffler looks awesome ( will try and upload some pics of it later on) overall i give it 8/10 in the looks 2) Engine- This D4d unit is simply great. you have to drive it to get an idea how much more powerful it is than the regular old innova. simply pulls up from any speed and before u realize u are on the wrong side of 100..its puts up 171 hp@3600 rpm and 35kgm of torque from a lowly 1400 rpm..a really flat torque curve. yes the engine is a bit vocal but nothing irritating..some soft music and u wouldnt even know that it is there..its quite noisy if u go above 3000 rpm but on our roads drive sensibly and u wont even go above 2500 rpm.. at 100 kmph cruising in 5th gear is at just 1700 rpm or so..they colud have extracted much more power by fitting a bigger turbo but in this its more about driveability..minimal turbolag with a really flat torque curve..real easy in the b2b traffic
  7. well thanks rki2007.. looks are one the main reasons besides the toyota brand quality why i chose the fort over the endy.
  8. @durangodude- esp for u..
  9. thanks driftpunk..
  10. thanks a million drnishu. i got it from pioneer toyota ,patiala.
  11. @bf-well being a very impatient person i dont know how did i got through..well i guess i just forgot about it during the process. @durango- apologies for me being an amateur, well i got the car in july'10 and here are the pics @rssh -ya the dealer did push me..he said i had to buy atleast 25k worth of accessories and that this was the company policy..blah blah!! i just called up the customer care at toyota and told told them about this company policy. they were very professional, just asked me the name of the salesman in question and said that i wont have to buy even a penny worth of accessories.. and i must add that the people at toyota customer care are extremely professional and precise
  12. hi guys.. as some of you might b remembering i was in the the process of buying a 20 lakh suv. had booked the Fortuner on 1.1.2010 and was given an expected delivery time of about 6 months. Months passed and i was getting impatient as to when will the delivery contacted the toyota dealer at patiala in march about the same. the attitude was not at all good and was told again that i would be lucky if i got my hands on my car by dec'10. now this was too much. i started looking for alternatives. 1st came in chevy captiva. td it..loved was all i needed. 7 seats, a gr8 oil burner, good ride. paid 50k for booking the captive extreme on 10th april. friends and relatives nagged me for my decision. said chevy can never match up toyota brand for brand. on 12th april cancelled the booking. 20th june. went to ludhiana and drove the nissan xtrail and it absolutely blew me away. the engine was an absolute gem. Drove like a dream and the dynamics of the car were brilliant. On a funny note- didnt tell my dad that its a diesel car and after driving a km or so he turns to me and says thats a tad noisy petrol engine. Thats how gr8 the engine is. Only downsides- 1) Average looks 2) exceeded my budget by about 5 lakh. still i decided to take the plunge and on 21st was about to go to the dealer to give the booking amount. On the way i get a phone call from my toyota dealer that i would be given the delivery of my fortuner within the month of july...Yippee!!! I take the xtrail out f my mind. The d-day comes and i get my beast on the 19th of july
  13. docjivtesh

    Xylo Pickup

    @arkboypunk1 my mistake. i completely agree with him. And if we are going to avoid the word "PUNJAB" then we may avoid the word south india as well
  14. docjivtesh

    Xylo Pickup

    i totally second drnishu's views..she aptly pointed the state of affairs in punjab..whether we use pickups or luxury marques over here @NAREN64 u r from coimbatore!!have u ever been to punjab or for the matter of fact to ludhiana?? if u have been here as i have..u would think twice before saying what u are saying..its a city where owning a merc or beemer is no big deal at use trucks in punjab not pickups.. and if i may its spelled xylo and not zylo
  15. docjivtesh

    Xylo Pickup

    this kind of regional non sense started in this thread is not appropriate.. i would say xylo pick up is most needed in bihar and whole of south india
  16. docjivtesh

    Xylo Pickup

    @creativebala sir i would like to point out that punjab accounts for the sales of largest number of luxury cars in india and not of shoddy pickups mentioned above in the thread. making comments such as u did is not really helping to further the cause of this forum or this thread. u should refrain from such loose talk in the future. Moderators please note..
  17. I was surfing the internet when i found this interesting product.. it has an ipod functionality with radio and additional aux input with 2 rca outs for subs. i was looking for a cheap hu for my car. what do u suggest people??
  18. thanks for the info..but i hav also heard that captiva is undergoing a face lift in mid 2010..nd that it may come in as a ckd..that wud seriously hurt resale this true?
  19. thanks for the info..but i hav also heard that captiva is undergoing a face lift in mid 2010..nd that it may come in as a ckd..that wud seriously hurt resale this true?
  20. well if u take price out f the equation..i feel i20 is the most accomplished car..
  21. i am interested in buying a diesel suv with a max budget of upto 20 lakh. had already booked the fortuner but three days later the came and returned the booking amount!!!(amounts to harassment) nd i m hearing that fortuner bookings are closed for 7 months!!!! also read in latest autocar issue that a chinese company bought a controlling stake in GM i dnt hav much confidence buying captiva.. m really in a sticky spot..please help ppl...any kind f info will b highly appreciated..