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  1. I have Ford Endeavour Jan 2005 model which has done 130000 KM mainly on city and highway terrain. The stock tyres (MRF) lasted me for about 75000 km which I stretched up to 85000km. For the replacement, I got Michelin LatitudeCross. I have done just 45000 km and they have almost worn out. Which tyres do you recommend which will be long lasting yet comfortable. Thanks in advance.
  2. thanks all..... i think i'd go with the polo.... just for the looks
  3. Hello folks, I want to buy the a mid size hatch and cannot decide between the: Skoda Fabia 1.6 Petrol Elegance Pros: 1. Cheaper by about 25k (which I know is about an extra EMI of Rs. 1000.00 on 3 yr finance) 2. More space overall (leg room at the back, head room for front passengers) Volkswagen Polo 1.6 Petrol Highline Pros: 1. More desirable due to looks 2. More head turns while in public. Kindly give your opinion and suggestions.. Thanks in advance
  4. @amiti: The car looks very nice with the wider tires and bigger alloys. If you do not mind a significant loss in FE go in for 185/60R14. If you want to just improve you handling, stick to the original wheels and get 175/70R13
  5. Finally got 265/70R15 Michelin Latitude Cross. Excellent Ride
  6. I got my reservations done to reach Delhi on the 5th and leave on the same day. I now realise that 5th is a media day. Will having my visiting card of being from a press suffice or media needs to be pre-booked/registered? Any idea? Thanks for you help
  7. which one would you suggest I buy to replace my 85K old MRFs. 1. Michelin Latitude Cross 2. Yokohama Geolander 3. Bridgestone Dueller H/T My Endy is 2005 model. Tyre size is 265/70R15 thanks
  8. At the moment without a relay. Does it does any harm? Though, planing to install a relay real soon.
  9. Any feedback on the Bilux H4 Off-Road 100/80W. What does 60/50W or 100/90W or 100/80W in wattage term mean? What is the difference in 100/90W and 100/80W. I just installed the above said bulb in my endeavour and the performance in fabulous. Would it cause any damage to the electricals? Can I install the same bulb in an i10. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks all. Got Michelin Energy XM1+ 185/60R14 finally today. Post edited. BornFree2009-11-26 18:12:02
  11. is importing the Falkens in india.
  12. I found something very weird. On searching for 185/60R14 on H rated XM1+ is more expensive than the V rated XM1+ by a good Rs. 1050.00 Any explanations?
  13. Ordered the alloys in 14". Thanks guys for your co-operation
  14. Which tire (185/60R14) would you suggest me for my i10 considering the quality and price: Falken Ziex ZE912 Rs. 7200.00 Michelin XM1 Rs. 10000.00 The cost is for a set of 4 in replacement to my stock Bridgestones 155/80R13.