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  1. honda stunner sucks man....its got an awful gear ratio for 4th n 5th u can hardly tell the difference... u cant drive past 60 kmph ..the engine will run out of steam... apart from that its got some gearbox issues...5th gear slippage..
  2. I have a honda stunner, bike is good but u cant drive past 50kmph as engine rpm seems to be high, 4th n 5th gear ratios are almost same. It took me several months to understand which gear am driving 4th r 5th. i think unicorn, stunner n shine share same crank case. so Center distance for gear pairs must be same. I think if i can swap unicorns 5th gear pair to stunner it could lower engine rpm n i can get a better mileage also. please tell me if i can swap unicorns 5th gear pair n what extra parts i would require. thanks in advance