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  1. Thanks all, One of the few things that you guys mentioned. 1. Have changed the cable 2. Have changed the pressure plates.
  2. Thanks man, I love this bike too much to sell it. And i do feel a some sort of drag while start up ........... does it conclude anything
  3. Hi All, This is Navneet Shetty, I own a Bajaj Avenger 2006 model, it was running smoothly up till recently.Few months back I noticed that it is lagging performance. i.e even when i am giving full accelerator it is not reaching the respective speed. I took my bike to the local garage. The mechanic said "It's the common clutch slippage problem and the clucth plate is gone, replacing it would fix the problem". So i went ahead and paid a 700 bucks . The next day when i took my bike for ride, I was happy to see that the problem was solved. But to my surprise within a month the same problem was there. Again it was laggging performance. So when i took it back the mechanic said " The clucth plate is gone, replacing it would fix the problem & we should probably change the clutch wire too ". I asked him how is it possible that the clucth plate would wear out in a single month. He said" The clutch wire stiffens that is why it must have happened" I said okay there goes my 700 bucks again. But again within a month the same problem. Now it is getting on my nerves. I cant bare this unnecessary expense. Please help me out with my queries 1. Is it a common problem in avenger bikes ? 2. Is clutch wire the real culprit here ? 3. Is this caused by some other component in the clutch plate ? 4. Any personal suggestion to rectify the problem ? Thank You, For taking the time out to help me.