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  1. Pray for my mom, friends

    It is very disturbing to know about the accident machhi. We wish you mom speedy recovery.
  2. Our PUNTO

  3. My first car - Bossa Nova White Punto 1.2

    January 2010 First month of the new decade. My life had few surprises, tons of happiness and one great loss. My car took me for 901 comfortable kilometers and was always in ready-to-serve attitude. The car quenched her thirst at the rate of 1 liter for every 11 kilometers. The car has clocked more than 1000 kilometers on odometer. I have pushed it above 2.5k RPM on couple of instance. I mostly drive in city. Maximum speed achieved so far is a bit more than 100 Km/h, in a short highway ride. When I was doing 100, the car was jumping in a rhythmic manner. Need to check in other roads. Please suggest me, is there any thing I need to check. It really steels the attraction and interest of many. Problems 1. I have broken the co-driver side door lock. I was not able to open the door at all (even from inside). I have visited the A.Sa.Ser. They opened the door and I am able to open and lock from inside. They ordered the lock from the company, which is yet to arrive. 2. The seat belt warning is not working. 3. The keyhole in the tailgate moved downwards. (I will post the picture soon) 4. The glove box opens by itself whenever I drive over potholes or speed breakers. Need to report this during first service. Heart-rev-at-red-line moments. 1. Hit a cab (Tavera) and got few scratch in the front left fender. Tavera got dented. I was somewhat upset after the accident, but that cabbie really made my day, by taking some funny nose-cuts . I really feel sorry for you brother. January 2010 Expense Loan EMI
  4. Our PUNTO

    Hot Punto.
  5. Shock(Absurd) pricing of Spark

    Do they have 47k discount on Sparks, still ?
  6. Ad thats sure to give you goosebumps!

  7. Hazardous Hazard Lights

    This thread reminds me several songs of 90s movies, where the hero and heroine will dance around the cars with hazard lights turned on.
  8. My first car - Bossa Nova White Punto 1.2

    I tested the mileage of the car by full tank to full tank method. 11.5 Kmpl in 90% city drive and A/C on 50% of the time. And the update on the car. The car's passenger door lock is broken. I can't even open the door from inside. Need to visit the service centre to replace it.
  9. safest indian hatchback

    i20 CRDi

    Wishing you all a very happy new year.
  11. My first car - Bossa Nova White Punto 1.2

    Thank you all for your wishes. Yes, I need to and still learning to drive carefully. Rs. 447866 after free insurance and extended warranty. soundar.d.gr82009-12-29 06:35:37
  12. Boy steals Rs 8 lakh from dad, buys car!

    At his age, I was struggling to get a new bi-cycle.
  13. M&M buys two Aussie aerospace cos

    e. Auto pilot.
  14. Quality of Cars Manufactured in India

    As a customer, how can we protect our self and our cars? Is it effective to carry a fire extinguisher in the car and fight the fire?soundar.d.gr82009-12-15 07:47:11