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  1. A choice for 1st car - spark LT booked.

    @Gopalarathnam Why don't you look out for the new Beat diesel. I think this would still be a value for money, more-so that you would be travelling 60kms daily, it will be light on your pocket. Also with the 3years comprehensive warranty coverage from Chevy is gr8.
  2. Excessive inside tire wear

    I have been running an Ikon TDCI for 30000kms +, and have seen considerable amount of tire wear on the inner edges of all the 4 wheels. Got all the wheel alignment and the wheel balancing done, still the problem persists. Got it checked with the ford service center, but they say its fine.. Can someone give some insights on what could be the issue here and which parts needs to be checked to rectify the issue? Should I get it checked with some local garage mechanics as they usually are good at finding the issue (havn't shown it to a local mechanic as my car is still under warranty). Also, Im running Goodyear GT2 tyre set, is it a good idea to change the tires inside out and use it? Mods: Pls merges the thread if there already exists one.
  3. Excessive inside tire wear

  4. Excessive inside tire wear

    @dr_nishu: Im using the regular Goodyear GT2 tire set of 13". Could there be any misalignment due to worn ball joints, worn arm bushings? Also, would like to know, if anyone has tried out using the tire inside-out and run it? I understand that since these are regular threading tires, it should not be a problem.
  5. Tyre upgrade for A Star

    Hi, Similarly, I have an ikon duratorq, which has done close to 40k kms. Planning to get the tires changed after another 5k kms or so. What would you suggest on buying? I'm currently using the 13" rims with Good Year GT2 tyre set. I donot have any plans of upsizing the tyres.
  6. best engine oil

    I'm looking for a synthetic power steering oil for my ikon 1.4 duratorq. Does anyone know where I can buy it in Bangalore? Im currenly using the TQ oil (mineral based) for my power steering. Anyone who knows, please reply. You are in the wrong thread. This thread is on engine oils. MODERATOR sgiitk2010-06-29 06:24:56
  7. engine oil for swift vdi

    Gulf max TD looks good. I was also interested to find out, which is a good oil for power steering? im planning to change that as well. The steering feels hard after driving for 1/2 hour, and there is no leakage of fluid as well. After the car(engine) has cooled down or during cold start, the power steering feels normal and smooth again. I have shown it to the A.S.S and they say its adsolutely fine. Any suggestions on what to get checked for this? I showed it to a local mechanic about the issue, but even he was not sure, what the issue is about. Pls help me out in this.
  8. engine oil for swift vdi

    What is the basic criteria for choosing a good synthetic oil? I own a ford ikon 1.4 duratorq, which oil is recommended for this? Also, can someone point out which Power steering fluid can be used as well? Can the engine oil be used for the power steering as well?
  9. Ikon Steering (1.4 TDCI)

    Hi, I have been using the Ikon (1.4 TDCI) for a year now. I'm unhappy with the position of the steering wheel. For tall ppl like me, 5'11' , the thighs touch the steering wheel quite often. Hence , I have to press the clutch/brake in an awkard angle leading to leg pain sometimes. 1) Can anyone tell me if there is an option of lifting up the steering wheel a bit ( moving the steering wheel a bit upward , which is connected to the steering rachet ) by 1inch or so? 2) If the above is not possible, is it possible to get a tilt steering for the same? and how much does it cost? Is it worth getting doing these changes? Rgds, Ujwal
  10. ikon diesel 1.4

    hi, I have hard clutch problems in my ikon 1.4 tdci. After complaining to ford india, they replaced the whole clutch kit (assembly) free of charge , yet there is no improvment. Coz' of this, Im having regular knee pains. can you please help me/ suggest me what to do? I have checked many other ikon diesels, and the clutch are light and easy to use. Pls help me.
  11. Ikon Steering (1.4 TDCI)

    ok, will check , but I doubt raising the seat will solve the problem. The steering position is already too low and the floor is high.
  12. Ikon Steering (1.4 TDCI)

    Hi dtandon, There is just a single variant for the ikon. We cannot have height adjustable seats are there is absolutely no place for that. I had taken a test drive before buying, but it felt different then . If any more options are there, pls let me know. Thanks in advance.
  13. Ikon Steering (1.4 TDCI)

    yes, what both of your are pointing out is right. But then, the other issue having a highly places clutch/brake. Anyway, solving one issues, opens up another
  14. Ikon Steering (1.4 TDCI)

    Hi nikvint, Thanks for your reply.
  15. Ikon Steering (1.4 TDCI)

    Also, can any ikon owner suggest me, how they are overcome this issue?
  16. Ford Ikon Plus - LE

    My Ikon completed 1 yr now . I get a mileage of 21-22kmpl on highway and 15kmpl in city conditions. Just an amazing car. Thou' have issues with hard clutch , still is ok to manage... but sometimes its irritating. How is your clutch garg.vineet1?
  17. Fuel efficiency figures

    My 2009 Ikon 1.4 Duratorq Diesel gives: 15/21kmpl (with Ac or without Ac has no change on the mileage)
  18. Logan or Ikon.(D)

    Since this car is for your grandfather, getting in and out of the car needs to be easy. Ikon is a low seating car, so getting in and out needs some effort. You can try out the Logan (D) itself. Also, I have not driven the Logan , so no idea about the reversing aspect. Ikon is pretty good. You can get the reverse sensors fixed to your car. Reversing in cramped parking spaces - the logan or the ikon , they should be the same.
  19. Logan or Ikon.(D)

    Hi, I own a Ford Ikon 1.4 Duratorq. The car is excellent and returns gr8 mileage figures of 15.5kmpl in bangalore city and 20kmpl on the highway (though little lesser than what others claim). The seating is a bit low compared to the other cars like the Logan , but they are very comfortable. You can have a test drive and check. Reversing is not an issue , its comfortable, but yes, like all sedans, one needs to stretch your neck sometimes during reversing.
  20. Ford Ikon Diesel 1.4 duratorq

    I bought the ford ikon 1.4 duratorq in Mar-09, Im facing a lot of problems. Can someone pls suggest me how can I overcome these? 1) Heavy Steering - Since the engine is heavy than the old ford diesel, the Steering is hard to steer the vehicle - "It feels like driving a truck" . I have given this complaint to Metro & Lathangi Ford bangalore. The answer I get from this is - "This is all that Ikon is, we cannot do anything". Is it that ford is not able to come around with a quick solution to the existing cars to fix this problem - by changing some system of the power steering to make the car feel light on the steering wheel or do they really not care? 2) Hard clutch - When I bought the car, the clutch was damn hard, just couldnt not use the car as it used to cause me heavy knee pain. I complained to Lathangi ford, and they replaced the "internal clutch system(as I understand it)" and gave it to me. I see that still there is very little improvement . I have now mailed Ford india about this complaint. Waiting for them to call me. Does any1 have any idea as to what could be done for this? Is any1 facing similar issue with the clutch???????? 3) Hard gear - This goes with the clutch system, hence this too is hard. Can anyone give me some advice as to what could be done for the above 3? else, I might have to consider selling the car. Hoping for a reply (with a soln ) --Rgds, Ujwal
  21. Ford Ikon Diesel 1.4 duratorq

    Hi, I got the car checked for the issues mentioned today, the problem for all of these is now solved. Got the clutch & the steering system bled and refilled. The gear box had some alignment issue I was told. Its been rectified. Thanks to all you guys for the info provided.
  22. Ford Ikon Diesel 1.4 duratorq

    Does any1 have any other idea, as to what can be done for the clutch. The hard steering and the gear can be done with , but not with the clutch
  23. Ford Ikon Diesel 1.4 duratorq

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. The clutch system was refilled but with no improvement. --Ujwal