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  1. After driving about 40kms, on my way back home, my car rings a couple of noises and then dosent accelerate any more, so i restart the car and the gear box gets stuck on parking and continues to flash in parking mode in the middle of a busy road at night. Tried restarting the car numerous times but no luck. After about 1 hour i tried and the car moved out of parking and then i drove home another 6km back home. Car did work fine. Sometimes my car gets makes the cling sound and then i have to restart but then the car always works fine but never this dsg issue occurred. Also my car sometimes flashes the pump sign and the skid sign sometimes. Whats the problem? Honestly im scared to give my car to skoda, All these problems occurred after a couple of weeks of giving the car for servicing to skoda. Last year, there was an AC problem in my car and skoda kept my car for 5 months in they workshop. I got 2010 Laura 1.9 Diesel. My car with be exactly 5 years old in 20 days.