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  1. I also would like to know what would happen if we drive at higher speeds and do frequent acclerations and braking or do a long journey on buying a new car.
  2. KTM bikes KTM 250 EXC-F Technical specifications: Engine type: 248.6cc, Single cylinder, 4-stroke Compression ratio: 12.8:1 Starter/Battery: Kickstarter/E-Starter / 4 Ah Transmission: 6 gears Carburetor: Keihin MX FCR 39 Cooling: Liquid cooled Suspension travel front/rear: 300 / 335 mm (11.81 / 13.19??) Brakes, front/rear: Disc brakes 260 / 220 mm (10.24 / 8.66??) Tires, front/rear: 90/90-21??; 120/90-18?? Wheel base: 1475?}10 mm (58.07?}0.39??) Ground clearance (unloaded): 380 mm (15??) Seat height: 925 mm (36.42??) Fuel capacity: approx. 9.2 liters (2.43 gal) Weight (no fuel): approx. 105.7 kg (233 lbs) Hope they have a 125 cc bike.
  3. Got it. A search on "KTM" on this forum yielded the results. KTM they say is a company from Austria and will be launching bikes through Bajaj in 2010. Right?
  4. KTM bikes. Sorry to sound ignorant. But what is KTM? Is it Indian bike?
  5. That answers most of my questions. Thanks. I had a 2 stroke bike Yamaha RXZ 135 till a few years ago and observed that the ground clearance of the 2 stroke bikes are not adequate for off roading. Any modifications done to increase the ground clearance from a local garage requires any RTO approval or we can simply ride it on roads without any problem? I simply hate to get caught by the RTO dept and traffic police in Kerala.
  6. Thanks Sadsack, So I will go for a used 2 stroke bike. Can someone tell me till which year is 2 stroke bikes allowed on Indian roads? Also till what age can a 2 stroke bike be used on Indian roads? Thanks.
  7. Some people will not need to think twice also...Go ahead buddy it and at least you can be satisfied that you have lived your life at least once for yourself. After all alongwith your responsibilities to your family, society etc you owe a lot to yourself too. No one other than yourself will be able to fulfill your dreams. Point to be noted is, no one ever had "Enough money" ever .. you always move your goalposts further away when you are almost there.
  8. Thanks everybody. It seems the Yamaha 2 stroke bikes will be best suited for me. I had sold of my Favourite RXZ a few years back as I did not have time for it then. I am not very updated of the bike regulations for the last 10 years or so. Are 2 strokes bikes still produced in India and what is the future for them? Are they thinking of stopping production of 2 stroke bikes in India in near future? What problems can I anticipate from Indian authorities like RTO, traffic police etc if I drive a 2 stroke bike in India? Thanks.
  9. Lucky you, The IND SUZUKI AX 100 was probably the first Indo Japanese bike in India and indeed it was very light. One of my friends had it and when it got old he did a lot of alteration and made it look completely different and finally scrapped it. It will be a very good antique piece and you should be having fond memories of those early days. AX-100 was the first bike on which I learnt biking. I have not seen one in ages. Thanks for taking me back to those AX-100 days.
  10. Yamaha RXZ 135 was a very powerful and light bike. Yes the one of the early nintees was Kawasaki Bajaj SX-100 Enduro. Any similar bikes are in production now?
  11. Hi, Can someone help me find a lightweight powerful bike in India for carrying on a motorhome. I need it to travel short difficult terrain like mountains, across small streams etc. In the early nintees Kawasaki Bajaj used to have a bike in India. Is anything similar available?