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  1. Hatch based 7 seater- Why don't we have in India?

    We will get this to india, Chevy promise.
  2. Compare Cruz with Civic, Altis, Laura, Jetta

    Good evening Pranab Cruze will be a wonderfull car. it wont give you any problems - 3 years warranrty. the laura is a very nice car but A.S.S is horrible, 2 years down the line you bought a laura and the some problem comes up, you will pay 3 lacks for repairs.. think about it. Your from mumbai and from mumbai, are you getting what am saying
  3. Jazz Or i20??

    I would suggest wait for a new car, chevy beat! Try the uva.. save money.
  4. A new entrant, now which Entry Level Sedan?

    Though am a chevy staff member, i own an accent and i love it ! i would still suggest accent. anyway blue, i thought you were intrested in cruze right ?
  5. Happy Diwali to All Celebrating!

    Happy diwali & have a happy new year ! Buy the new chevy cruze and you could win a holiday to usa in supporting of the grandprix of chevy team.
  6. Toyota & Honda recalls

    Toyota recalls 3.8 million vehicles Potentially dangerous floor mats cited for company's largest U.S. recall AP file Top image, 2005 Toyota Prius. Bottom image, 2007 Toyota Camry. Both car models are on the recall list. Toyota issues largest U.S. recall in its history Sept. 29: Toyota is recalling 3.8 million vehicles because of a floor mat problem that could cause the accelerator to stick. NBC's Brian Williams reports. WASHINGTON - Toyota Motor Corp. said Tuesday it will recall 3.8 million vehicles in the United States, the company
  7. The Chevy Cruze Thread.

    No discounts, sry sir.. limited dealers offering, i cannot force the dealer to give you discount as i am only staff member. I just informed bloggers, now its your way to convince them.
  8. Ford Launches Upgraded Fiesta SXI

    You rather buy optra magnum - 3 years warranty.
  9. Compare Cruz with Civic, Altis, Laura, Jetta

    Good news for you - This dealer will have the car for testdrive from today. ( i assume he will start the td tommorow ) Nanavati Motors Mahavir Nagar,Puna Khambaria,Road, Puna Char Rasta, Opp City Plaza Complex, Surat, 395010., Surat, Gujarat, 395010 Tel: <?:NAMESPACE PREFIX = SKYPE /> 0261- 2640233 0261- 2640233 / 34 Fax-2647771
  10. The Chevy Cruze Thread.

    Gujrats get the car way cheaper then mumbai, its like your 50 k discounts. be happy and enjoy your new cruze. and save up money, the malibu will be launching soon.
  11. The Chevy Cruze Thread.

    Limited state discounts, sorry sir but it wont be vallid in gujrat.
  12. Experience of buying & Fuel Economy

    soon you will for perfomance upgrade !
  13. GM has an wonderful product line up. Do you agree?

    In the next few years we will be launching the covette and the malibu in india.
  14. Chevrolet Cruze Launched At 10.99 Lakhs!

    ]by Yes, TD and book asap, minimim dilivery peoriod is 2 weeks, By 2011 chevy will launch the Covette in india, so guys start saving !
  15. Chevrolet Cruze Launched At 10.99 Lakhs!

    Hey guys, a survey/poll for you guys > Which car would you like to see in the coming years from chevy > CAMARO IMPALA MALIBU HHR CORVETTE