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  1. Pics: Pics from:WCF This could share many things from the RS.
  2. Guys,got these from edmunds web"Aveo caught testing in cold weather" Ok what edmunds says is"The exterior design of the 2012 Chevrolet Aveo is no big secret. It won't be as aggressive as the Aveo RS concept shown in Detroit last week, but it'll be close. The real question was whether or not GM could figure out a way to make the production interior look as good as the concept. Our spy photographers recently caught up with this test mule in the Arctic Circle and managed to snag a shot of the uncovered interior. There are a few wires in the way, but most of the cabin is relatively clean. Looks like Chevrolet will keep the odd looking instrument panel, but will replace the concept center stack with a corporate GM head unit. No big surprise there. The seats in this test car appear to be cloth and we can't see enough of the seat to know if it will have any kind of reasonable support. Oh well, that steering wheel looks pretty good." Note: Please resize the pics & post. BornFree2010-01-21 15:59:03
  3. Guys,I have created a thread to ask any doubts on Swift and also it's competitors. I have searched for a similar thread but couldn't find a similar thread. I have some doubts as in context of Swift and i20.Please clear these: Which engine is better either DDiS or CRDi? Which cars driving position is better? Which cars engine vibrations are lesser? Though i20 wins in most of the aspects with Swift,I need to have my doubts cleared to justify the winner for myself.
  4. What are the maximum speeds that we can attain in each gear of SwiftDIESEL. What about Swift's Build is it good or below average? Can I revv my engine upto the redzone of rpm meter before shifting?
  5. CB also add ORLANDO to your title. Here is the link to Orlando site(UK): http://www.chevrolet.co.uk/experience-chevrolet/future-and-concept-cars/future-car-orlando.html By the way,GRanite is based on Orlando. Spirax12010-01-20 07:08:09
  6. Mods:Please change the thread name to GM:It's Plans to get outaa bankrupt.
  7. Oh well do't you guys know about China's china phones? So the car market in China is well loaded with copied goodies.
  8. Guys,it can get back f chevy plans out well. You know chevy sells astra,corsa,zafira etc which all are opel's under chevrolet. Just take a look at the pic: It is in Brazil.
  9. Chevrolet Sail: One of it is the newly launched sail in China: Engine Specs: - Will be exported to other developing countries around the world. - 1.2-litre S-TEC II 87bhp - 0-100km/h in 12.9 seconds. - 1.4-litre S-TEC III 103hp - 0-100km/h in 11.9 seconds. - Five variants from RMB 56,800 (US$8,400) to RMB 68,800 (US$10,100). Chevrolet Sail Hatch: Fusion's back,Logan's lights,City's front,Cruze's bodyline......Isn't it a great combination? The Sail will come with 1.2 and 1.4-liter engines with 87hp and 103hp respectively. Five speed manual transmission will be offered initially and the EMT semi-automatic gearbox will follow shortly-In China. According to me Aveo RS is highly infavourable for it's launch in India. Chevrolet can save the current Aveo U-VA by replacing it by the sail sedan(At swift's price). If chevrolet can offer a good diesel and above petrols then it would be a hit. Spirax12010-01-16 02:05:23
  10. Sorrry,but I wish it and it's small brother Corsa to come to India. Anyways I forgot to rest it in International scene.
  11. Guys just visited opel's wb and came to know about the launch of Astra 2010. ? Take a look at the ext and int looks hot. ? ? ? Here are it's Engine specs: Petrol and also diesel http://www.opel-europe.com/astra/ ? For complete roadtest: http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/hatchbacks/112_0907_2010_opel_astra_review/engines_specs.html CYRUS432010-01-15 19:16:09
  12. Guys just thought of a forum for one of the world's best automotive company, General Motors. I have read completly about GM's 2009-10 plans but could understand only some. It says that GM would now only focus on Chevrolet,GMC,Buick,Cardillac. Plans to shut or sale Pontiac,SAAB,Hummer. Guys I explain you company wise: Chevrolet/Cardillac/Buick/ GMC/GMHolden/GMDaewoo are all under GM cause they lead to the parent's growth. Pontiac:On April 27, 2009,GM officially announced that Pontiac would be dropped and that all of its remaining models would be phased out by the end of 2010. So GM is going to phase out Pontiac by the end of 2010. Hummer:As you all know this premium SUV brand is sold to chinese company Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company According to Wiki the deal would be closed by 2010. SAAB: On December 18, 2009, GM announced it intends to wind-down the Saab brand after negotiations to sell the company to several possible buyers failed.Spyker Cars announced a new offer following GM's wind-down announcement though it is uncertain whether a deal can be salvaged at this point. GM has said that it fully intends to wind down and close Saab unless it receives a viable offer. Saturn:By the end of 2009, GM will close all of its 46 Saturn dealerships in Canada. Saturn's customer service, parts, and warranty operations will move to other GM dealerships in Canada. Saturn dealerships in Canada also selling Saab vehicles will sell exclusively Saab vehicles after GM shuts down Saturn. Opel/Vauxhall:Though GM tried to sell off Opel to Magna(A parts maker in Canada),later it came to know that it is crucial for their global growth stategy. So Pontiac SAAB Saturn will be defunct GM brands. Hummer will be owned by STHIMC of China. I was wondering how GM could run all of it's brands in a nation,atleast now GM understood what wrong they have commited all these years. Atleast now there would be now confusion in names of cars in diffrent companies of GM. Here are the diffrent GM links: www.gm.com www.chevrolet.com www.opel.com www.holden.com.au www.gmdaewoo.co.kr www.gmc.com www.cardillac.com www.buick.com www.vauxhall.com So lets pray for the better tommorow of GM. Spirax12010-01-15 16:45:30
  13. CB I think Honda Jazz already has such type of seats not exactly but they call it magic seats.