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  1. What would you reccommend in this car range ? or what would you buy ?
  2. My firend is planning to buy a C - class... What are the pros and cons of the car ? how much is the price in mumbai ? and which car compete with it ?
  3. coolest or the worst ? spoilt the whole look of the car !
  4. hey, Your driving in the city or highway ? 19 km is a lot ??? wow for city it would be great.
  5. Yes i voted for cruze ! ofcourse - if its not laura then its cruze 100% all you guys who have voted for fiat - Stop voting with your hearts ! maybe use the brain sometime!
  6. Dam, i missed it.. forgot about it ! what happened ?
  7. how fast is the fiat fire ? Chevvy cruze 1.8 will be giving an average of 12-15 ! so yes the cruze is the fastest^^
  8. Why is every one voting for fiat ? where is laura 1.8tsi gone ? thats the best right....
  9. Indian awards ? will it go to the cruze engine ?
  10. Hey, good morning I own a getz 1.3 ( the first getz, not prime ) what all can i do for perfomance upgrade ? i have put spark plugs... and what else can i do to make the car more stable.. i freqently touch 120 km/h. ( after that my car starts shaking.. )
  11. Yea its black beauty My dad is against Black
  12. This car has closed booking for 7 months, they not taking dilievery untill june!
  13. Toyota Kirloskar Motors Limited (TKML) is looking to make further inroads into the Indian market as it puts its strategy into overdrive. With the launch of the Prius and its small car in 2010, it is looking to add another volume product to its portfolio On the sidelines of the Tokyo Motor Show, senior executives of the parent company confirmed they would be bringing in a second people mover, after the Innova, into India. The company is looking to position it between its new small car and the Innova, which should fit in to the Rs 6 lakh to Rs 8 lakh price bracket. Toyota claims it is developing an all-new model, which should go on sale in the next two years. Since the company wants to play safe with the vehicle and not affect Innova sales, it might look at a five- or six-seater with a sub 2.0-litre diesel engine for its people mover. "This will be a people mover and not an SUV," one of the senior officials was quick to confirm. The company has been evaluating certain models for India, including the Toyota Avensis Verso MPV for benchmarking purposes in the recent months. In South East Asia, it offers a model called the Toyota Avanza, which uses several parts and body construction techniques similar to the Innova, but is powered by a host of petrol engines. It is not known at this point whether the model is being considered, but it is a strong contender to fit the price bracket nevertheless. Meanwhile, the company is keeping its small car programme for India on track. It has been working in close co-ordination with its Indian vendors to develop components, which are now being tested at Toyota's facilities in Japan.
  14. December 2009 launch for the Chevy Beat has been confirmed- FRG AND ACI !
  15. Welcome to the ACI forums - hope you enjoy your stay ! I dont know if your fake or original but who cares, I am here to help on your needs. Allways happy to help. I am on the same boat as u, though my budget is a lack less then urs ! If you want sheer power then i would highly reccommend you the laura 1.8 tsi petrol. Its a monster - it will smoke a c-class.. But then the maintainence is very high and the A.S.S really sucks. OR You can for the cruze > advantages fastest diesel in the segment, 2.0 litre engine, priced cheaper, 3 years warranty or 1 lacks kms. Its features - Start stop button, cruise controll, steering audio controlls,dual ac, dual air bag, paps, 5 star safety. and lots more for just 14 lacks on road mumbai price !! for all those features you would pay a good 20 lacks in a laura. so in the cruze you got > maintanence free - high average, cost less, more power. Its simple now to make your decision. ======================== So your coming to my city, the most modern and the best city in india. You will be in love with this city i promise. If you need any of help or to know the city better > feel free to hit me up.
  16. Few suggestions - 1st - EDIT YOUR POST - ( VERY IMPORTANT ) 2nd - Thumbz up and thumz down option would be great.. or even agrees and disagrees. 3rd - Points system... so what if a person is posting 100s of post but still isnt good enough.. points will retain that person to higher level.
  17. this car looks really nice.. is it coming to india soon ? i would love to buy this car.
  18. The dealer you told me dosent exist anymore. I drove a little bit of the cruze for 2 mins... astyavinayak dealer - he is charging premuim of 1.5 lacks... ( he didnt let me drive more ) + hes to far... 2 hours from my house. National garage is saying wait for few days because they have to register the car.. the car is on display.. today i drove the 1.9 laura... it wasnt great.. not powerfull enough as the cruze.. but the feel of the car was amazing.. if u get in contact on which dealers are giving the car, it would be great. thanks.