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  1. Dont let this cruze die - Keep talking.... Has anyone taking a TD in mumbai ? from which showroom... ------------------------ Which car would u prefer after using it for 3 years.. ( laura or cruze)
  2. Dont let this or any cruze post die query - Which car would you prefer after 3 years of driving... laura or cruze..( wont really get bored untill the 5th year )
  3. If i would buy a bike right now, it would be Karizma ZMR Fi
  4. Wait for Vw polo, You will surely be in love with it.
  5. Anuprav... you got your ? can u post pics....
  6. Dosent look like they care for they auto bloggers...
  7. Which car would you prefer after 3 years of driving... laura or cruze..( wont really get bored untill the 5th year )
  8. I would suggest a few changes - First edtt options at all times.. ( if edit option is chosen - it will show its editied in the post ) How about we have thumbs up and thumbs down option ? it will be great... agrees and disagress.. 3rd- Points system... ( not rally nescarrasy... should take a vote of all members if they would prefer point system. )
  9. looking foward to it... i would prefer to have drag meets... lol anyway whats the average age in here ? am 19... how old is everyone...
  10. okay sry,, admins please please please give an edit option. few suggestions which could make this blog better.
  11. I thought you were getting black ? ( you told a while back ) Am waiting for this pics bro can u post the pics from the side.. and behind. on the road.. and even night pics if you can. thanx bro
  12. thanx for the pics..if you dont mind.. can you post more... from the back and from the sides...
  13. There is allready a chevy cruze... WE have done all kinds of discussions there > Diffrences between, LT & LTZ, colours, turbo lag issues... full review check is done that thread. i sugguest you look and read into. nvm.. i make it simple for you - Read this.
  14. And @Pranab, how many id's you will make coz you already made 3 id's after getting banned. 1st - Pranab.p 2nd - Pranab is back 3rd - Pranab!! - current... ( he kept banning me for one same reason... so i had to speak personally... and now am in.. . Letc cut the crap and stick to topic.
  15. i think its for 2011... they should get a car to compete with superb, accord, passat, audi a4 etc..
  16. When i buy something... i do full re-search about it, i have been reading from everywhere..
  17. a way to fix it but i dont think you can do it india ( not sure ) Your need a turbo charger that feeds directly into a supercharge.
  18. about the mailbu.. i have heard thats is going come to india..not very sure...
  19. hows it same ? manz is 7 lacks are cruze 14 lacks >> double the value dosent make it same !!
  20. I think we must stick and talk about the topic > Cruze beats all except laura and jetta. Jetta i would rule out because you pay more and get less.. 1.9 ambiete vs cruze LTZ what do you say ? differ out points - overall who wins... ( cruze behind is not so comfortable so i may have to let go of the cruze )