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  1. autocar please can you give us vip gets dam hot and irratating waiting in the sun on the other side.
  2. am going for it ! my question > should i race in the drag ? quater mile - cruze will take how many seconds ?
  3. Are you joking ? i think he's a fake. Covette wont launch in india.
  4. Congrats to you anuprav... i have been here reading posts... admins banned me because.. one of these guys the other night was saying manza and cruze come in the same class... i was drunk.. i got angry and i abused him..( which i shoudnt have ) so they banned me.. i apologised and now am bak to posting. thanx for posting pics..
  5. Mumbai - pune highway is the best.. agree or not.. it is the best... well you have to go sunny dhaba... he become world famous.. from a small dhaba to huge place... he has grown..
  6. Hey vineet.. Congratualtions ! you finnlly got it.. we all on the same boat.. Please please can you post pics of your white cruze coz am also planning to buy white... i want to see how it looks under the sun and in the night. if u can please post asap coz tommrow i will make my bookings. ty