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  1. Fiat India to launch Linea sedan in December

    it will be delayed further, more bad news to come!
  2. CENVAT reduced,Cars to be cheaper by 4%

    prices go down when nobody wants to buy!
  3. family car for 7-8 years ?

    i would def go for the sports version if 25k is all i have to pay extra!
  4. spark or palio for 3.3 lakhs?

    totally agree to your comments on Palio. Palio 1.1 is little underpowered, but the other features that you mentioned will def make palio win. It is definelty a comfortable car, if you compared it with swift, palio is a lot better car! check how much of discounts you get for Palio.. keep us posted!
  5. i want to buy a new car

    i will just say, run to Ford and fall to Fiesta!
  6. i want to buy a new car

  7. i want to buy a new car

  8. Hyundai i20 coming next month!!confirmed!

    yes me to interested to see Jazz, Punto and i20 in the competition next year. Punto is more of a performer though not a looker, i20 and Jazz look better, Jazz will have the reliability tagged, ofcourse a Honda and i20 will go on to create a bigger impact, am sure! i will also be scratching my head to choose one among these three next year!
  9. spark or palio for 3.3 lakhs?

    yes its better we understand what you want from the car to make appropriate suggestions! both cars are good in their own ways, i will choose spark as its a newer model than Palio. am so glad that you didnt even think of A-Star!