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  1. it will be delayed further, more bad news to come!
  2. i would def go for the sports version if 25k is all i have to pay extra!
  3. totally agree to your comments on Palio. Palio 1.1 is little underpowered, but the other features that you mentioned will def make palio win. It is definelty a comfortable car, if you compared it with swift, palio is a lot better car! check how much of discounts you get for Palio.. keep us posted!
  4. i will just say, run to Ford and fall to Fiesta!
  5. yes me to interested to see Jazz, Punto and i20 in the competition next year. Punto is more of a performer though not a looker, i20 and Jazz look better, Jazz will have the reliability tagged, ofcourse a Honda and i20 will go on to create a bigger impact, am sure! i will also be scratching my head to choose one among these three next year!
  6. yes its better we understand what you want from the car to make appropriate suggestions! both cars are good in their own ways, i will choose spark as its a newer model than Palio. am so glad that you didnt even think of A-Star!
  7. harryccc

    honda jazz

    good decision by Honda at the time when i have decided to postpone my car purchase to mid next year!
  8. Speed - Palio is a debacle! am not surprised to hear this from a maruti lover!!! ask any car enthusiast and talk about the difference in build quality of Palio and Swift. you know it yourself but you just dont want to give up! Getz is overpriced.... Getz is a lot better car than Swift, given the cramping space in Swift and again the build quality of Getz, infact am a proud owner of Getz. If you are referring to Getz crdi being overpriced, it deserved the price for that the engine it had! so you are saying Opel and Daewoo deserved to be out of the market, anyone knows cars can clearly say Opel Corsa is a very nice car, given its ride quality, features it had... Talking about the markets, tell me one other market in the world where Suzuki is the champ! take china our nearest economic competitor its not even in the list of top10. come on speed, try to look beyond to what maruti is making you to look at! the fact is Maruti is cheating its customers with service network and customer satisfaction but their products are too inferior to any other!
  9. it definetly looks cool and the price tag too!
  10. these questions appear in any buyer's mind but maybe it sounded funny to him, that customers asked the SALES guys these questions, which is obviously foolish/funny because its quite obvious that sales guy will support the product!
  11. that makes sense, but have not seen one in bangalore yet
  12. yes, this should be considered a real good oppurtunity for long time waiters for inferior DZire.
  13. its showering discounts. Chevy, Ford and Tata.. anyone to join yet?
  14. great move by Fiat! how much of price change would this cause?
  15. i wont be surprised if we later hear news that Maruti has been the backbone of the trouble by bribing the inefficient and corrupted politicians! the grounds for this thought comes from the fact that maruti has been receiving support from the govt for a long time now, infact it sounds more possible because of the ruling Congress!