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  1. Which is the best?

  2. Wake up Hero Honda

    Well yes hero honda is acting very lazy in the market... Upgraded hunk and cbz seem like they have been smashed with bright colours... Though I love hunk to bits, its a fabulous allround bike... The field where hero honda has badly failed is in bringing innovative or completely reworked product... Its been 4yrs and no new bike has been launched after hunk... Just upgrades... Now we have a beautiful karizma zmr, but it still fails if compared with an R15... Thats what HH ought to do is to make newer products on completely new platforms... They have to prove that they got better r&d provisions than other companies... Wake up Hero Honda, plz...
  3. Superb Tech Bike is back - TVS Flame DS125

    Bro, gimme some instances why you said that? I find this bike ugly Dont know why tvs is spending so much on its r&d...
  4. Suspension-SWIFT or PUNTO

    My bro punto has been launched after almost 6yrs of swift's launched... The suspension of punto is ought to be better by a generation...and its a fiat therefore no compromise on handling!
  5. Here's a thumbnail for the expected Wagon R...To me it looks great!!
  6. Our PUNTO

    A white punto with blackroof and mettalic black alloys looks great.... Though the car is itself a beautiful piece of art...
  7. Fiat Bravo coming soon ?

    Bravo! Heard abt its 1.9l version costs around 15lakhs+... Lets see...
  8. The Coolest C-Klasse In INDIA!!

    Mwah...what a car...
  9. Bike for a 18 year old.

    ? A girl buys ninja as her first bike. Sure shot recipe for disaster. Arey baba 'her' has been used for Ninja not a girl... Ishaan is it justified calling a Ninja as 'her'?? aisa mat kar!
  10. Jazz Or i20??

    Well thank you so much guys Will post pics whenever I get my new car... Probably after Nov. 15 For me its Jazz or i20 petrol 1.4...will decide it very soon...
  11. Service Intervals: Irrational Manufacturers

    What to say its a cheating by selfish service centres who's employees get commission for fooling customers...