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  1. I am looking for a an year old Linea Diesel. Today I was going through the specifications and I was kinda shocked when I saw that it uses the same 1248CC Multi Jet Engine used by Punto and Dzire. Now people complain about Punito's roughness compared to Dzire because of 105KG extra weight that it carries. Since Linea uses the same engine and is more heavy than Puinto, how will it perform?
  2. When is Toyota planning to release Etios diesel in indian market? I can't wait to get my hands on this value for money
  3. How much will this overall setup cost in delhi
  4. I can extend the budget if its really worth
  5. I can spend upto 15K Post edited: While quoting, only quote the relevant matter.BornFree2010-08-01 19:25:23
  6. I have a Dzire VDI which has got 1) Onboard Music System and 2) Onboard Central Locking Now what I am looking for is 1) USB support for the Music system 2) Wanna add some extra bass. Since Woofer might affect the trunk space so what would you like to suggest? A bass tube or some high end speaker that can produce the bass and loudness equivalent to a woofer? 3) The central locking looks OK, but I want to add an extra feature in which the windshield closes while pressing the locking button. Do I have to change the entire central locking or just an addition of chip can change it? Thanks in Advance
  7. I saw the snaps. It looks 1000 times better than old outdated design of UVA
  8. That SUX. I had so many hopes with Polo Diesel. but this impression of 3 cylinders have spoiled everything. Is it that bad??
  9. Its been almost a month, that polo TDI has been released, but I have'nt seen any good review on net? Is it worth buying? If we compare it with Figo TDI, which yields a better perfomance?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion guys. I will go for fiego. Is there any scheme like exchange bonus, that ford if providing at present?
  11. IIRC' date=' it will be 92 Bhp (Could be Multijet2) Good looking alloys Possibility of a sun roof Good looking Interiors [/quote'] That might increase its cost beyond 6.5Lakh. I can spend maximum upto 5.5. Just for sunroof and sporty look spending another 1 Lakh is not worth, that too when the perfomance is almost the same
  12. Out of these 2 diesel hatchies, which one should I go for? My stess is on 1) Perfomance 2) Fuel efficiency without compromizing the pickup 3) Availability of spare parts and support in delhi.
  13. If you can afford Linea' date=' go for that. You may say why 2 sedans, but the truth is, Dzire is just a slightly bigger hatch, it won't give the respect a Linea would give when you go in that. So my choice Linea.[/quote'] I agree, but that tata's exchange scheme still works with Fiat cars when they both have a tie up??
  14. I baught Dzire VDI. But now I am thinking of disposing my 2003 Indica. Since Tata offers good exchange benifits for old Tata Car. Now that Tata has tie up with Fiat and even started joint dealership. So I am wondering if they can exchange it with Lenia or Puinto?
  15. I've read that Tata offers good exchange scheme to exchange old tata cars with new one. Now that Tata has tied up with FIAT and in some places even directly deal with them. Will it be possible that Tata might exchange my 2003 indica with a Lenia or punto??
  16. What all other small cars would you like to recommend with that price range?