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  1. Hi Friends, I have Santro Xing XL 2007 Model Running on Petrol and CNG. Done 23K in ODO and 17K on CNG, it was running fantastic till last week when suddenly one day morning after givening the cell it had given me trouble in ideal position usually i keep car ruuning in ideal condition atleast for 5 to 6 minute till it get proper heat. So after i found this went to my CNG fitted dealer he told everything is fine in CNG the only problem he feel is in petrol so went to my service centre after they inspected they found the problem is in second feul injector which was not working so the jerks where coming. They told me that they will try to repair it but it didnt get repaired then then need to change the Feul Injectors which will cost somewhere around 8K to 10K. This was really a Jhatka for me and afraid that whether this people are right or just wanted to make me to spend more. so I thought before i get into this need to take expert suggestions on this I would you all to help me out on this whether FI can be repaired or replacing is the only option. Kartik Iyer