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  1. I allready have a buyer - he quotes 13.20 lacks.. I bought the car for 14.30 lacks mumbai registeration. Guys do you think hes quoting a bit less ? Post edited Note: Use capital letters where required.BornFree2009-11-27 13:17:44
  2. You guys are probally right but only for your city ! They dont care for other cities which arent metros. Skoda A.S.S is excellent in mumbai. ( its a bit expensive, obiously your buying a amzing car ) Soon I will be wearing the tittle - Queen of the road. Post edited Note from mod: remarks on others are not taken in good light, use capital letters where required.BornFree2009-11-27 13:20:49
  3. Well vineet - talk about india, not europe In mumbai this car sucks, Its only a highway car. Australian Cruze Is way better.
  4. The car is really bad for day to day driving, i want to sell this and get the altis.
  5. Ty DD. could you help me with the query to. I hope you will it to soon, i read in one of your post that u are thinking of one. all the best m8.
  6. Anyone intrested in buy new Chevy CRUZE LTZ MODEL ? I am selling mine as this car is not made for a city like mumbai with heavy traffic. My legs start to pain driving this car.. My dads hates the comfort behind. Brand new car, not even a month old. anyone intrested ? asap please. need to buy another car.
  7. I would say silver. perfect colour for a car. there is no silver in cruze so i had to book white. After white, It would be black.
  8. Thats some nice facts/ info Can anyone say, how many cruzes have been sold ?
  9. This same car is down my building in light blue. next time i will take pics and post here.
  10. 14 .52 Lacks, They say by 25th i should get delivery
  11. i have finally booked my new car - Cruze in white colour. Thanx for all your help.
  12. my friends own this car in rome - i thought i would share it !
  13. Classics ! I heard its coming to india soon ?
  14. Hello, saluto a tutti i membri di auto con > Means greeting to all aci members I am very confused on weather i should buy the laura 1.9 or the cruze ltz. All my friends say that they would get a laura. they say laura is a more classier car. but the cruzes pricing is very tempting and it its perfectly into budget. but then again its a bit sluggish.. you guys know it all. i dont think i will be driving more then 30 kms a day but i dont want to worry about maintainance. how is the owners review average of the laura 2009 petrol - and how much is the maintaince ? I droved both and liked both. but now i am extremly confused. please help -
  15. Hey watsup everybody, i am back Anuprav, i suppose we both have a truce. The cruze dosent look so good on road, the laura looks better ( more mature and classy look ) can anyone assist me the list of chevy and skoda dealers in south mumbai - near marine drive please. i am new in the city so, i would really need a lot of help.