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  1. I dont't think GM has any plans of upgrading the Captiva as of now. The above cosmetic changes are the same as in the Captiva Extreme which was showcased at the Auto Expo and is now available in the market with the same 2 litre engine. As for the features, the current Captiva has, -> Chrome door handles -> Electronic Stability Program (ESP) -> Hill Descent Control (HDC) -> 6 Speaker System with Sunroof added to the new Captiva Extreme.
  2. Does this mean Beat's going to get 1.3 MJD? So GM needs to tune it well to match Swift. Guys I have a doubt Cant GM devolop a new diesel? Is GM not even having a single(small) diesel engine internationally? I feel that GM, before moving into the Indian market, would have never thought of developing small engines The 1.3L MJD was jointly developed by FIAT and GM and later Suzuki was allowed to manufacture it. Even, the 1.6L MJD used the GM Gearbox which was the reason why FIAT could not introduce it and were manufacturing their own for this engine.
  3. @Spirax: Regarding the engines, GM can always use the 1.3MJD for U-VA and Aveo. Also, it is developing 1L MJD that would be used to power the Beat later this year. And there is one engine which I wish GM brings to India, the 1.4 twinport Ecotec (GM Speak for turbo) which is planned for the US market Cruze. This engine is rated at 140BHP .
  4. Well, GM offers best interiors in its class. Even the outdated Aveo and Optra had the best interiors in their respective segments when they were launched. Its just that some people cannot see beyond the Hondas and Marutis and appreciate other manufacturers. Just an FYI. GM has been a amazing story the way this company has fallen out of favor with its customer , parent company gone bankrupt , floods in vadodara stopping and damaging the plant in short evrything that can go wrong has gone wrong still it has bounced back launched new & better products and has been able to win customer trust .
  5. Its not a shock. Every year car owners give more discount during December to increase the year end sales. But it is usual that they reduce the discount/offer amount during January which is common with all car manufacturers! So simply GM has reduced the discount offer from 47k to 27k !
  6. No i10 EV probably because Hyundai has no plans of moving it into production for atleast 12 months if not more.
  7. Anyone who gets his hands on the Camaro won't really look at the Turning Radius. As designersf said, you can do donuts all day long. DD just one question, don't mind, but are you anti Chevy?? (seems so from your posts across the Forum)
  8. Its a Holden Zafira. My uncle owned one a few years back.
  9. Dude, stop trying to impose your opinion on others by saying that the car sucks. Tell me a Car in the Indian Market which does not have both Pros and Cons. Its just the way you look at a paticular product. Instead of appreciating a Manufacturer's effort (which has just come out of Bankruptcy) you're going all out to say it cannot produce good cars. You want the Car to be VFM and at the same time provide each and every need of yours!!! And its just Emily I see who is selling her car. I have not read any other instances of people claiming to sell their car in any of the other Auto Forums.
  10. People in India go for the Badge rather than the product. MSIL and Hyundai are both very established brands. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Spark is a very good car and fun to drive as well, no denying this fact. I really do like it and it is sad to see that it does not sell in large numbers. The Spetember sales have shown quite a rise in the sales of Spark though. When GM launches the electric version of Spark next year we may see the rise in its sales even more. @DD -- Sir, from what i know is that Cruze and Lacetti are both based on the new Delta II platform which will also be used for the next gen Opel Astra. It is not derived from Daewoo unlike Optra and Aveo. Infact the Lacetti was a hatchback (which was based on the Daewoo platform) and now Cruze replaces it in Korea.
  11. Just for your knowledge Chevrolet has Cars in every segment. Right from Spark to Captiva. So i guess it should be included when you are including a Car Makers like Mitsubishi and Toyota which do not have any cars in small segment which comprises of the majority of the Indian Car Market.