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  1. I am a new owner for Ritz VDI ABS. Being a Wagon R user the Ritz VDi is so good in many aspect like fuel economy.Broader Tyres and less Vibration in 100plus speed.Sturdy and stable in this class.Spacious in this class. The gear in the fountain console is so convenient.I would like to publish the picture and being a new member to the forum looking how to up load. The accessories I fitted are Maruti GA, Kenwood 543 with Ken wood 2way 4 speakers same in front and rear works wonderfully with this size car.Graphics is good looking and it poured out just 900 and the full floor mat transparent with rubber mats keeps the car clean.Thinking of a Reverse Sensor with camera and would like to fit with out damaging the body. FuelRunGod2009-10-22 20:40:09