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  1. I was in a similar position about two months ago and you better strictly stay away from ecosport (its a pure 4 seater and is grossly overpriced and over-hyped). Given that room for 5 and safety features are your top priority, I doubt if you would find Verna or Vento under 10L (with ABS+airbags). Sunny looks good but it is an absolutely terrible handler and forget about cruising on highways. Moreover, Nissan's serivce network is as big as hair on Rakesh Roshan's head. My first choice would be Verna (if you can find variant that comes within your budget). Then comes VW Vento. PS: extend your budget just a bit and go for top end variants.
  2. also, if you have decided on Etios, my feeling about color: 1. Red: little bit of dust makes this car look old and the color ages very fast 2. white/skyblue : loads and loads of taxis with these colors 3. Beige: some like this color, I didnt 4. Grey: my choice (picked this one while booking). nicely matches the interior, gives little bit of executive feel to the car and the color does not age fast and looks best under lights.
  3. I have booked an Etios VSP last week but if I had 10.5 lacs, I would've closed my eyes and went for Radio (ambition plus or higher variant that gives good features). My friend has this car and it is a monster that pulls effortlessly and is very very comfortable. The red color stands apart and has serious road presence. we did two long drives and I would say its worth paying extra 1-2 lakhs on this mean machine. Amaze: you dont have to think about this pile of ugliness (look wise) as you have good budget.
  4. More than flashy features, most brands provide safety features like dual airbags, ABS+EBD, defogger, fog lamps in top or high-mid models and it is better to go for models with all these features as it is these features that make the difference at that unfortunate moment. I was searching for a new car and my first priority was ABS and airbags, then came engine power and interior/aesthetics were of least priority.
  5. @Sstar and @nagiamrit My running will be around 675kms per month at the max and I am going to use my two wheeler for short distances (of <2kms). I liked the audio setup on Etios a bit but lack of rear speakers is a bummer so will have to do a full or partial upgrade.
  6. Aveo is discontinued and we found Sail to be less VFM (and the accelerator in test car and the car inside show room was making creaking noise, the clutch and gear rod were stiff and uncomfortable) than Etios.
  7. Thank you for reply. Will have to check the brand and rubber type for stock tyres. The stereo quality is good but there are no rear speakers. instead of just adding rear speakers, thinking of going for a full speaker setup change. w.r.t accessories, thanks for confirming the availability. I will get them outside as Toyota is charging a lot for accessories. Didnt like the look of Amaze at all. Also, the interior got a major revamp in new Etios which is why I had decided on this one. Much better platics and NVH is improved a lot. checked Ford Classic too but my mind tells me to rely on Toyota's lower TCO, wider service and reliability
  8. Folks, I am going for the top end petrol variant for Toyota Etios and have lot of questions. 1. There is a price difference of 1.2L between petrol and diesel variants. Is it worth sticking to petrol? How is the mileage for new etios in city limits. 2. Which is the best tyre for this car, mileage and balance being priority. Is factory tyres good enough? 3. How widely available are accessories like side skirts, front full chrome grill available outside of Toyota's service centers 4. please suggest a great audio setup (20k budget ). I am more of an unmodified neutral sounding audiohead than a basshead. 5. Is Nandi Toyota good (Bangalore, Hosur Road) Thanks in advance.