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  1. For flimsy reason of small, faint mist line left by wiper on windshield, I got both wipers changed one by one. There was not much of an issue if you look at wiper cleaning. Needless to say, they were changed under warranty with ZERO cost to me. That's why I mentioned Tata-Fiat are the best in honoring warranty commitments. No manufacturer changes Wipers for such flimsy reasons which is very usual weather-bound occurring.
  2. For all shortcomings of Tata-Fiat, one strong positive point noticed in almost 99.99% cases is that Tata A.S.S. has never hesitated or customers struggle to get warranty claims unlike some other leading manufacturers. NEVER. In fact, 2 different TASS & 1-2 times Fiat also offered me parts/ consumables which were not covered under warranty. 2-3 times even some consumables like coolant etc are also not charged (though they should have charged & I would have been absolutely ok with it). I've a Fiat Linea Petrol for more than a year with more than 21,000 kms on ODO & not a single engine-related part (except for Fiat's initiative about Clutch Slave Cylinder) changed nor it gives any indication. Yes, I've also heard Brake pads might need to get changed by 22-25K kms which is a bit early to my mind. However, till now 21,000 kms, there is no issue. Which TASS are you visiting in Bangalore? Have you tried with any other TASS? or in such cases, either/ combination of following helps: Discuss on Automobile forums like ACI - you'll get solution most of the times or at least way to go about Speak to GM of TASS. Speak to CRM and/or CRM of Tata. Speak to Fiat & inform them by email also. In last 1 year, I've observed that in all such cases where eventually when the customer speaks and writes to Fiat, Fiat acts at lightening speed & the dealer whoever it is comes running after the customer to solve the issue. That's how effective it is.Pls post the Invoices with the amount you've spent. In 1 year, I got 2 services done & the total maintenance/ service cost for 13 months & 21,000 kms is Rs. 2749/- only, rest all under warranty
  3. abhigtr can you post itemwise cost breakup of your 2nd service? Bill for 2nd service of my petrol Linea was only Rs. 2674/-
  4. SubZero, You got a steal deal & on top of that you've added excellent add-ons. Superb. So, your signature is now fully explained to the forum though I remember we discussed it earlier
  5. That Red Spice looks smashing & is actually spicy !! Last week I saw a Red Jetta & I was going fast & could not resist to slow down & drive alongside for a few moments. The GLoss & Shine of the car was awsome. And I wanted to stop the car & ask the owner what does he do to maintain it LOL, as I also have a Red Car
  6. To me, what matters more is the reliability of the pump than the petroleum company. So I get petrol of any company filled avoiding notorious pumps And yeah, Nitrogen is all rubbish. 78% of it being normal air, The only benefit that I could thought of is less frequency of fill ups (not to say that I used to top up normal air earlier once every 1 month or every 2 months ). That has also gone out of window when nitrogen pressure reduced by 3-4 psi's in all 4 tyres of my Linea in 15 days .
  7. Awsome, Awsome. Simply Superb Pics
  8. advisable to keep RPMs generally below 2500 till 1500 kms. However, while gear shifting if sometimes it goes beyond that, there won;t be any issues. In fact, thats a normal way of driving. Keep it normal without any extra stress / heroics
  9. Lift the floor mat in the boot. You'll find a metal plate with VIN near spare wheel
  10. You'll get used to this combo of Clutch-Gear-Break. While shifting from 1st to 2nd gear, If you're releasing Clutch earlier than required (before commensurate press on Accelerator) & car is stalling, try revving a bit more in 1st before changing the gear.
  11. Ashwin, I agree with Coolboy. Concorde seems to be the worst & you kept on sticking to it inspite of their silly mistakes earlier. Change it imdtly to VST or other TASS. Yes, your Linea must be in list of CSS change as its March mfd. I'll be getting mine changed as soon as I find time
  12. Thanks a lot Amit. I dont know why you cant see the pics' date=' i can see it, others saw it yest. Give some time for them to load, a little big in size.[/quote'] Could see the pics now. How do you post it here? thro'
  13. Congrats Rajat on the Ride I can't see the pics in 1st post. Is it only me ?
  14. Dr shekar - Thats strange. The foot vents are placed under the front seats so far that its hardly accessible/ noticeable. I had to take an effort to check it & could do it only as I had seen pics of it on a forum. Still if you wish to contact Fiat, try Linea Product Manager - Aashish Bhardwaj - & ceodesk. I got an excellent response from ceodesk