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  1. I bought Pioneer 4950 head unit with JBL front (75W) and rear speakers (300W). It cost me Rs 4500 for the head unit 1200 for front speaker and 2700 for rear speaker. I bought it from grey market but the sound is awesome. Please advise if I paid a high price for the system.
  2. Go for a new Alto... I am not in favor of 2nd hand cars.
  3. Thank you guys for your valuable inputs. I have eventually got my car but I had to buy the Ocean Blue color and not White as it was still unavailable . I had to pay 3500 extra as I took the metallic color. Thanks again - the matter is now resolved. But yes, I am waiting for the feedback form from Maruti and I will rate the Dealer 0 in all points.
  4. Hello Everybody, I have booked A WagonR Lxi White model from Rohan Motors Noida on 8-Nov but till now I have not received the car. I have already paid more than the full amount of the car and also submitted my old Maruti 800 under exchange. The car was supposed to be delivered on Dhanteras but they failed. The Sr. GM of Rohan Motors Mr. Veer Singh told that fresh shipement from Maruti factory will be done on Monday, 12-Nov (yesterday) and I would be confirmed the exact date of delivery as the White model takes some time. I went to the dealer yesterday and spoke to the Sr. GM again and he said that the car has not arrived till now and asked me to contact today. Today again he said that the car is still not delivered. I believe he is now giving me th run around and no proper response. I have contacted Maruti Customer Care and they said they would forward my complaint to higher authorities. As far as I know, the WagonR Lxi model is easily available and there should not be any delay in the delivery. Can anyone help me out and let me know what I can do to get a quick resolution as I am without a car.
  5. Females? Drivers? Please do not make me laugh... I just had my dinner... LoL. No road sense, no control, no confidence... absolutely nothing. What a comic discussion.
  6. As already stated, my budget is max 10000. USB/ IPOD doesn't matter to me... I want the best combo possible and I will buy only with a warranty attached. Kindly help further to decide along with the model numbers.
  7. I am also in the same boat as you are and after reading through many posts in different firums, below are my findings. 1. Given the price bracket of 3-4 Lakhs, there are only two cars comparable - WagonR and Santro. 2. On Road price of WagonR Lxi is 379000 (including 3rd yr warranty) in Delhi. Deduct Rs 25,000 from this price as cash discount. That turns out to be Rs 3,55,000. Comparitively, Santro will be higher (as they have very less discount). 3. There are both good and bad points for both cars - but I personally felt great comfort while driving WagonR, better head rests, big boot space, better engine and definitely it has better looks than Santro. 4. Many people may advise Hyundai i10 - but please keep in mind it is a brand new car and not tested for performance. It might end up faring the same as Zen Estillo. Initially, the sales will be high - but if it turns to be unstable, then you might have to repent. So personally, I would go for the established cars. My advise will be the one I will give myself - close your eyes and go for WagonR - better mileage, cheaper spares, good resale value, better brand name of Maruti over Hyundai. Please feel free to ask for my opinion on any other aspect.
  8. WagonR - Rs25000 for Petrol; Rs 7500/- (Duo) Zen Estillo - Rs 25000 Maruti 800 - Rs10000 Alto - Rs 12500 Esteem - 35000 Swift - No discount SX4 - No discount. Great news for me as I was just planning to buy the WagonR. Do you believe the discounts will be higher in December? I believe Hyundai i10 has given the charge to Maruti - people like me still having faith in Maruti stand to win this deal. Your comments are welcome while I go ahead to arrange for a finance for the car. Cheers!!!
  9. I don't have an Ipod... neither will I buy one in future... an USB drive is a much better option than an IPOD...
  10. I need ideas for the model number of the system and the speakers as well. I have to buy the accessory from the dealer himself as I will be financing the entire deal from the bank - no scope of shopping with a local accessory shop..
  11. Since the discounts are high at this time, the Dealers are not giving much accessories. However, I might be able to get the following for free in my deal as per preliminary discussions. Do you think this is a good deal? Please advise if I should replace a few of these and go for some other accessory. 1. Mud flap 2. Foor mat 3. Central Locking OR Gear Locking (any one) 4. Side moulding and Bumper moulding 5. Seat Covers 6. Steering cover 7. perfume 8. Cigarette lighter.
  12. Hi, I am buying a new WagonR Lxi soon. I need to know which music player I should install. As of now, I have decided to get it installed from the Maruti dealer. I have abudget of Rs 7000-8000 for an MP3 player and speakers. What is the best option available. Kindly provide me the model number for Pioneer/ Sony/ JVC etc. so that I can specify at the time of getting the system.
  13. Thank you all for your valuable comments. Since I do not intend to sel off the car in the near future, I wuld consider saving a few bucks by buying right away rather than wait for the new year... moreover, I am very impatient to get the new car... I have worked hard to earn myself a position to get this car. Wish me all the best guys... hope I get a good deal.