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  1. I arranged the original pads from the damaged car. Pads were in good condition(approx 10-20% used). But when I replace them with the new one TNG pads there was very high screeching sound when car stop and after stopping the car there was a loud sound and car jerks after stopping. Then I replace the old original pads immediately with the new TNG pads and the screeching sound was gone. After this I think that I should go with the TNG pads. When there will be the screeching sound then I will change it with the original pads from the company. Upto that I will check disc regularly. SK
  2. Well, today I get the clutch & pressure plates, Pressure release bearing, left & right suspension arm replaced from the ford dealer. It cost me near about 11K. Now I am feeling the clutch paddle very light. Guys thanks for your cooperation and guidance. There was little dispute regarding price of products with the dealership and FORD management claimed me the difference of amount. I am very impressed with the company. I appreciate the work done by Ford company management. Company and dealership is very cooperative. This is because of AUTOCAR INDIA. I came to know the prices of Ford spare parts from the Autocar India magazine and claimed for the low prices and Ford favor me. I thanks very much to the AutoCar India for there indirect help. I appreciate the work done by Autocar India by publishing the spare parts prices of the company. Friends, one more question. I have changed my front brake pads (2+2) from outside mechanic of brand TNG. Company told me that outside pads are not good and it will put scratch on brake rooter. What is your suggestion ? Should I change the TNG pads with the original pads from FORD or go with the TNG brand pads. Thanks
  3. Yes I press the clutch fully. Clutch is not very hard. But it works at very high point. Clutch works after 70-% approx releasing.
  4. Thanks FRG for your advice. My car gives the mileage of 17-19 Km per litre on Highway @ 70-80Km speed without AC and 14-16 Km per litre local, depends upon Traffic. With AC it gives the mileage of 13.5-15 on highway and 11-14 local again depends upon traffic. Four days ago I checked my car mileage on highway by Tank full to tank full (overflow) from Jalandhar to Ferozepur, traveled 120 Km. It gives the mileage of 19. And please provide me the number of the BornFree or guide me how to contact him. Thanks again..
  5. I have Ford Ikon 1.3 flair 2003, petrol from one & half year. I am facing problem with the car clutch, not regular but often. When I release the clutch it works at very high point. When the car is loaded with full passengers and AC is On then pickup of the car is very slow and car vibrates/shakes in the first gear. When it start running then it is fine there is not any kind of problem. Without passenger and without AC car is running fine I am facing this situation in deep traffic. Not any other problem with the clutch. I asked ford dealer about this. They asked to change the clutch & pressure plates Rs 2855/-, Pressure release bearing Rs 2170/-, Labour 2700/-. It cost me about 8500/- with labour. They said that FLY wheel may be required to changed, they will confirm after opening the gear box. Car has covered than 1,20,000 KM till now. My question is that from where should I change the clutch? From the Ford dealer or outside mechanic. I asked two mechanic regarding this. One says to change the plates and other says to continue. Please guide me. This is my first car and facing this type of problem first time. Please suggest the Brand of clutch it suggested from outside. Thanks.