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  1. Pasting the screen guard is a pretty tough job, I have tried once or twice in cameras and phones but never yielded good results. It gets messy when you put it in wrong line and then peel off again to readjust. Fingerprints causes air bubbles and the moisture dries out. Good that you can pull that off. I guess i will have to learn that.
  2. My screen guard is Belkin made. So i guess it is superior to the local ones available. I should rather switch to the icase provided with the ipad. But it leaves the back part exposed to scratches. Which cover are you using?
  3. To be very honest, Hyderabad has the worst city traffic. Not just unruly but dangerous and the entire traffic system is in some sort of chaos, whatever time of the day it may be. But superbikes are meant to be driven on highways which hyderabad has in plenty and are one of the best in India. The outer ring roads and some of the interconnecting roads are the best roads that you can experience. The basic problem is to get these bikes out of town, once you are out hyderabad is one of the best places for supercars and bikes. Even in mumbai the adjacent ghat roads are beautiful and superbike friendly. Another problem in city is the attraction any supercar or bike gets from the over enthusiastic public. So its all the same I did not get your 1st question.
  4. True. This time I got a black cover. Hope this turns it black
  5. librankur : You are lucky that you did not get the white ipad. Mine is already turning yellowish. I have changed my cover to the black one. The cover style is the same as before. Also thinking of getting hard shell back cover with ferrari/lamborghini logos. My micromax A100 is running well too. No issues so far. Just that ICS 4.4 has no more upgrades I guess. Battery life is worth boasting about. Day light visibility could have been better. Camera is below expected standard and makes an awful sound which cannot be stopped.
  6. Yes, it is updated 1st gen boxter. But from the exhaust note one can easily make out how ill tuned the car is. @librankur : Thanks. I just hope that i get a decent job. Here are some more pics :
  7. Happy Birthday once again. Hope you have a great year ahead
  8. If not "great" , one of the costliest B schools around. The boxter was the only one. It was not that attractive, ill maintained interiors, resprayed and re worked body and duplicate logo
  9. Thanks a lot. There were more than 90 bikes. I will try to upload some more pics. Yes it is in hyderabad. I study in IBS Hyderabad. I believe this event will be aired on mtv soon.
  10. As a part of our college fest, we had a huge gathering of superbikes and classic bikes. It was headed by Hyderabad biking club. Enjoy the pics.
  11. I guess this one would be the most sensible Honda to own till now. No doubt that the City is already the flagship car for Honda here but I believe this one will be the most sought out car from now on. It can really give tough time to both the petrol and diesel hatches but the prices need to be competitive. Only worry is its own jazz. If prices are similar to jazz and if the jazz also gets a diesel upgrade then it might just be suicidal. They must do something to distinguish its utility from Jazz
  12. I find the note 2 more attractive than S3. The display is brilliant. Here is a pic of my phone beside an old Note
  13. As far as I know, this car is not road legal but we might soon see it on Speed run instead of that Red-yellow Nissan Skyline. GS is really mad about cars. This car came into all the buzz as soon as it was spotted in the dockyard few months back. Please keep us updated.
  14. There is something called a Samsung Modus HM3500. Thats a single ear stereo one, but tough one to get
  15. @librankur I will do it within a day or two. I may upload the scanned copy if it comes out good.
  16. Last month I bought a Micromax A100 Android phone. The phone costed 10100 with a free 16gb micro sd and a samsung bluetooth headkit. But I was a bit disappointed with the launch of A110 just a few days back. The phone otherwise is a super value for money. 5 inch HD screen, 1 Ghz single core processor, 5mp camera, Android 4.0.4 ICS and 1 gb ram and internal memory is 2gb i guess. The battery is superb. 2 days with good usage. So far no hanging, but games like temple run and subway surfer is not the best run in this. For a budget smart phone I was bowled over by this phone(including the A110).
  17. I went home after 5 months. Here are some pictures of the car as it is now. Got to drive around 400kms and mostly doing family visits.
  18. If you have a budget of 3.60L, why look for Alto 800? You have the Alto K10 within your budget and with 20k+ you can have Estilo Lxi. In case you want to stick to Alto 800, go for the Airbag option. Alto is more for cheap running and ownership whereas Eon for good quality and style. Eon is spacious whereas Alto is cramped.
  19. Happy Diwali to all the members. Drive Safe.
  20. Agree with PrancingHorse on the elantra, but I feel that the front seat of cruze is a bit cramped and the headroom is on the lower side. I like the jetta for its comfortable and sober design and space. VW quality is good too. But the price factor is the only negative force about Jetta. But somehow I feel that the elantra looks almost similar to Verna.
  21. The diesel variant of Corolla is a bit under-powered. Elantra is supposed to be the feature rich one just like recent hyundai and it is no doubt a good one. Fluence diesel has less features than petrol and service is just ok. Skoda is no doubt bad in service, so in place VW jetta seems more reasonable among the two. Cruze got the facelift but not the most spacious of the lot. From your list I would have picked the Jetta and the Elantra. Is sunroof your preference? Not the best feature to have in a car. Creates more issues than it solves.
  22. Here are more pics of the ipad case In the last image you can see the black velvet like lining that is pasted over the white plastic case.
  23. BornFree Today I opened the cover and checked. It is felt lined and no scratches on the back till now.