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  1. Its always a disadvantage when you are the second mover with a rebadged car. I still cannot understand how two same cars with different bumpers can appeal people, when you already know about the existence of the former. What about product innovation ? better features ? and what is so special about renault then ? Renault Nissan should at least try to follow what Skoda-VW does.
  2. The first picture I posted is the back of the ipad only. The logo that you see is the original one. There is just a round flex glass hole at the back which shows the original logo. The case material is faux leather without foam. Like stitched steering covers we see. I will post some pics of the cover. That will give you a better idea.
  3. BornFree Congratulations on your ipad3. I felt no heating issues till now. Even mine is an ipad3. I will post some pics of my ipad cover soon so that you get an idea about it. I ordered this online and costed Rs 1050. It also has the magneto screen cover.
  4. In comparison to what DC does generally, this is acceptable as a design and gives the bulky car a fresh look. Moreover DC modifies cars by profession and it should not hurt sentiments of amby lovers. This is not as bad as some of the previous DC outcomes. I do not feel that this would be a hit among Netas as they want to portray themselves as simple individuals with basic necessities. They will have fortuner and LC at home and come to office in normal Amby. Otherwise they will be blamed for public display of power and luxury.
  5. Is it a pedal pressing noise or one that comes from the gear lever ? Or anywhere else ? For the first two situations, I believe it is a less grave issue and can be resolved with cable adjustments. You can try changing the gear oil. It worked for me, when a spring like noise came from below the stick.
  6. @nishu : Was a bit busy with my admission an all,so could not find the time to congratulate you on your new buy. Your patience paid off. Many many congratulations on the new buy. I wish a safe and happy ownership. Yes, I want to see more pics too and day to day updates.
  7. @archit : No, for the next two years I will be staying in hyderabad for my studies. Come on, you are big enough to understand why a beat diesel is a better option than a camaro
  8. @archit : Too bad. I would have been happy if she was getting a beat diesel or like. Ok, here goes my first post from Hyderabad. The place is close to shankarapalli and the college campus is huge. Photos will come soon.
  9. @parag: Wonderful purchase there. Heartiest congratulations on booking a beat diesel. Makes a lot of sense.
  10. @pragmehta Two things come to my mind. One is, with the kind of budget you have, you can get a decent diesel hatch (chevy beat/ ford figo), on the other hand if you are really worried about whether you need a diesel relating to amount of travel, you can opt for petrol + lpg options (wagonr/eon/i10 bd). Now if you buy a diesel car, you have nothing to loose, that is because you are ready to shell out 5-6L for a car, which can be petrol or diesel. Since you can get a new diesel one within that price, why bother. Even if diesel is deregulated it is highly unlikely to touch 80 rs/litre soon. Also you need not bother about depreciation at least in some years to come. Moreover, since you are so bothered about efficiency and running costs, I would advice you not to spend so much on a petrol car. Leave those 1.2L cars. With the kind of requirement you mentioned, Eon, i10 1.1 or wagonR should do good justice. You do not need boot, you do not need highway materials, then why go for cars which are premium? If you have made up your mind to buy a diesel, look no further to beat or figo, but if petrol is your final choice, I would suggest you to bring down that budget a bit and get the highest variants (with all safety features) of small engine cars.
  11. I believe that there must be a roll back. Or else this Govt is going down. India not buying oil from Iran because Hilary Clinton did not want it that way ?
  12. UPDATE Petrol prices up by Rs 7.50/litre. Effective from 12am. sb-alto2012-05-23 15:15:24
  13. The service cost this time was 7k. The major work was the front suspension overhaul which was giving trouble with noise and rough ride. Change has made the ride quality fantastic. Let the pictures do the talking Castrol Magnatec 5w30 New wipers (The box contains the old ones) New Air filter Suspension side arms old Engine head joint gasket change Suspension- shock absorbers Spark plugs Roll ball head joint Ball head arms replaced Rubber mounts Cracked door lock knobs replaced All wheel nuts replaced. They got rounded edges and was difficult to T/L Pouring out little oil that was remaining If anyone is interested I can give the breakup of the entire list of work done and price of spares. . sb-alto2012-05-18 18:14:00
  14. @rssh Not even in Kolkata. Police is unaware of any such ban. @nishu That means the film dried up before removal or the car was not hot enough. But you need not worry. Try Mr Muscle Kitchen cleaner (orange bottle) with a soft towel (preferably MF cloth) and damp it for some time and leave it. After some time wipe off. Works well without any effort. Normal Colin wont be enough.
  15. Yes, precisely that, plus I would have incurred fuel cost to reach that guy. Saving is fun and useful. Each such 50 rupees saved would add upto 80 Lacs one day and I might buy an Evo MR FQ400 Another of my DIY thread includes DIY - Cleaning Lens Of Pionner 2950 HU
  16. @librankur. The car is up for service. I was supposed to get it yesterday, but delivery was delayed. I will take the car today sometime. The tyres are the same old ones. I have opted for Castrol Magnatec 5w30 this time, along with engine flush (3m) Other changes are new brake oil, coolant, oil filter, fuel filter, new set of wipers, and two new front shock absorbers. Also there is injector cleaning and engine tune up. An estimate of Rs 6.5k till now.
  17. @Nishu A friend of mine is using 60/55w on his gladiator. A relay and ceramic holder will do. Else you have these
  18. Tints removed and Car is up for the 10th service. Update coming by today evening or tomorrow morning.
  19. @DD The framing is excellent. But Pic is a bit noisy. Set ISO to 100 or below (80) for taking bright daylight pics. The grain will disappear and you will get rich clear snaps. Here are some funny and some daily snaps. HP apple collaboration An alto trying hard to beat a BMW is terms of efficiency. And it really succeeds. Black and red cars look good. Or do they ? What do you do when the AC is cooling at 37deg and fan not working.... sb-alto2012-05-17 08:09:29
  20. @rssh From the pics it seems that only one fog is lit.Is that so? The lighting is good, and so is the choice of going practical with 4300k rather than 6000+. With added light you can go for 100/90 narva or crystal vision to match the fogs.
  21. @librankur : Not everyone has a hot steam spray gun at home. Hot water can be used but it needs energy. So in a way my process is a bit more economical. @SStar 200 is a bit too much. But I should not complain because Gurgaon is not cheap by any means. Here 50 is the general charge.
  22. @rahul I will download that 8 for my mini first. If I am ok with it, I will continue to do it for the lenovo too. Requirement seems fine for mini too. Secondly, help me with certain software queries. 1. What is microsoft silverlight and what is its use ? 2. How much is the price of genuine Office 10 ? Will it be a problem if I install a copied version with product key? 3. What is domain support ? Is it so, that home basic does not support domain ?
  23. @rssh My film was 40%. Way darker than limit. But then it was installed some 6 years back. At that time even a plywood paste would not have had any trouble. @librankur Even shops which agree to remove the tints do a shabby job. Even if you have gum stains, it would not be visible till a day or two. So it is better to do it yourself and take utmost care.