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  1. @BornFree Rapid has reported lots of niggles and some serious issues. Moreover a skoda service is not the best. Cruze was supposed to get a facelift. Is it out ? Or due ? I saw some scoops with facelift. Good car, but you would expect a lot from a car of that price. Feature list is not the best. You can take a look at new Linea. Since fiat split from tata now, they might just improve their setup a bit. I heard that new Linea has a lot better fit and finish than previous one. Also if Rapid interest's you, why not Vento ?
  2. Recent supreme court verdict on banning any sort of films on the glass, got many into trouble. A lot of people were fined or stripped off their films in a haste by police, leaving patches and glue on glasses and screwing the looks of the car. Since it is tough to explain Cops on how to and why to, I thought getting rid of it before getting caught is the best option. Although in my city Kolkata, there has not been any drive to remove films, even after the Park Street rape case. Not even one incident of police action against films has been reported. Still I thought I should be a responsible citizen, since my film was one from the pre historic era without rto permit limit. My film was also on the darker side. Today I had some spare time and decided to do the work myself. It is a rather easy job, and can be done with just a little amount of patience. Steps are as follows. 1. Park the car under hot sun for 10 mins. (it become a furnace within) 2. Spray water on all the film pasted glasses from within 3. Close car and leave it for another 5 mins. 4. Repeat process 2 again and leave it for another 5 mins. 5. Start with one glass, and peel off any suitable corner with a thin knife 6. Hold the peeled off part and slowly pull it out. 7. Constantly spray water on the joint between glass and film. Never let it dry 8. If it becomes hard or tough, just leave it for some time and spray water 9. Pull of slowly without jerk to get a gum/stain free clear window. Photographic tutorial Park car under the sun Filmy glass Tools required Spray water from inside Spray water on the joints as well Peel off a small corner section with a thin knife Keep spraying water on the joint between tints and glass as you pull Pull slowly If you encounter a split, do not worry. Repeat same for the top half. Tints removed. NEW THINKING, NEW POSSIBILITIES ..STAY COOL CAUTION 1. Never let the joint run dry. 2. If you are lot so lucky and encounter gum stains, use Mr Muscle concentrate cleaner to remove those. 3. Be extra careful if you have rear defogger.
  3. @rahul Thanks a lot. I will consider a better OS soon. Might go for 7 pro or ultimate. @librankur Not 33k, much much less than that. I will get it at a special price.
  4. @BornFree Thanks . Yes, its 2nd gen i3, speed is 2.30ghz and i5 would have been 2.50ghz (turbo boost upto 3.00ghz), but I do not know why and how i will utilize that 0.20 ghz extra ? also budget was a concern, so both ways i stuck to i3 one. Home premium comes with lappy's over 50k or even more. below that all with home basic and a few home professional. Even if I took a DOS one, I had to spend 8k more to upgrade. So kind of helpless here. Just thought than a genuine Win7 HB is better than a DOS. @DD Thank you so much. Thank you so much and Thank you so much. Do keep taking photos. @librankur Thanks, I thought that this one was the best within my budget. Ipad update will be very soon. The selected model is 16GB wifi + 3G. Phone confusion is still there. Lets see if I can zero in on one soon. Almost Diwali, except for a new Car. But I wont regret because I already have an eight years old NEW car. @Nishu Thank you. Sure I will keep you all updated. Yes, to be true, Sony one appealed to my heart but price and specs made me decide this. More head than heart here.
  5. @DD Very good shot indeed. You have well mastered the art of stability and I can tell you that it is not easy taking pics at the farthest end of zoom. Light is good too. Keep snapping. But do repair your Samsung as well. Update guys !! Bought Laptop : Lenovo G570 budget laptop @33k all. Specs : i3, 4gb ram, 1 gb graphics, 500 gb hdd, wifi, b/t, card reader, Wind 7 Home Basic, MacAfee a/v, switchable graphics, energy management system. Free : Backpack, usb mouse, pendrive, usb light, screen guard, headphone. As many of you know, I had a HP mini, bought around 3 years ago(running fine). This new one will go with me to Hyderabad, while Mini will be used by Mom. Here are some snaps and comparison with mini size. Enjoy. Coming up next is apple ipad 2 and phone
  6. @DD Daylight photos are very good indeed. Night images can get even better with some tricks. Moon images are rather easy to capture if the sky is clear. Always try to use all the modes as and when you get a chance,also play with white balance in different light conditions. You will get tremendous results. @CB 10k is it ? I thought it was 5-6k difference. 1000D is almost non existent now, and 1100D is around 26-28k. Moreover, your idea of cost benefit for getting new lens or tripod is not bad, but trust me, if you have a SLR, you need all those(or want) even if you have an EOS 5D MarkII or something. But on a serious note, photo quality of Nikon D3100 is far superior in all sorts of light conditions.
  7. @DD Congratulations on the purchase. Bridge cameras are real value for money these days. Looks like a sensor problem or lens misalignment both of which is a cheap rectification. My old Nikon P60 had similar problem of turning pics pink. Sensor replacement was the solution and had to shell out Rs1200. No problem ever since. 42x zoom is good and bad. Do buy a tripod when you use the longer end of the zoom. Also since there is a CMOS sensor, try using a SDXC card instead of normal SDs, even SDHC will do, but SDXC should be the best bet. @CB, Kushal and DD 1. SLR pics are far better than Bridge cameras, only if you can use the correct settings. Any first time user can screw up settings and blame the SLR. People who says blindly that SLR takes better quality than other digital cameras are saying it out of mental satisfaction or because it is costly. 2. Zoom is not the ultimate determinant of whether a camera is good or its pic quality will be poor. All depends on the size of sensor and the amount of pixel density that it holds. For any camera, be it a SLR or Bridge, long zooms pose vibration threats and thus ruin photo quality. Since it is in the longest area of the lens and the narrowest band, any minor movement makes a major shift in light rays and you get a blurred image. (Psst : Ever seen camera men behind cricket boundaries, with black and white lens ?, they use two tripods often, one for the camera, one for the lens.) 3. The difference between quality and features of high end bridge and low range SLR is negligible. The SLRs in the range below 30k use the same sensor as a Canon powershot or Nikon coolpix. The only thing you get is a lens which needs manual adjustment and flexibility. 4. Thailand is the best place to buy cameras. Cheapest among the world. Prices are almost half of current market prices. 5. D3100 is better than 1100D anyday. Not everything can be justified with specs.
  8. For normal tubed tyres, Apollo amazer XL is the best bet. Also, please do not go for MRFs in M800. You get Zigma in MRF which are crap tyres. If you want tubeless, then also you can have Apollo amazer XL in tubeless.
  9. A warm welcome to ACI Raj . Do share with us about your passion for cars and bikes here. Also please once go through the Announcement section for better understanding of forum rules and regulations. For a sale post, create a thread in Auto Trader section. Please give all details of the product, up for sale but do not disclose your personal contact number now. Interested people can use Private Messenger
  10. Bought an UV filter and Circular PL(Polaroid) filter. The PL filter is used to cut off reflections. It makes blue sky bluer and white clouds whiter,by cutting down reflections. Also eliminates water reflection. (Info) Ever wondered how these photos are taken ? But why you dont get such results ? Its not photoshop but PL filter. The filters See the difference @BornFree A must for your SLR. @Rahul HP seems less VFM. Extended warranty is cheap, but proves to be less worthy even when compared to dell. BTW I will be buying the i5 +DOS version of the Lenovo G570. Windows 8 will be next. (as per your suggestion)
  11. Ok, here you go. @Rahul You smelt it right Seen below is a Z4, I know about two such in my city.
  12. Congrats once again. The colour is really nice. This time get good quality wheel locks. Just be a bit more vigilant about parking. Ride safe.
  13. Welcome Ilango. Wish that you enjoy this forum. Also wishing you luck for your job search drive.
  14. ephefei Threads Glorious Handbag with Impeccable Design Quelle marque Big Do You Prefer? The Wide Range Gucci Handbags Tailor Made for You The Wide Range Gucci Handbags Tailor Made for You The Wide Range Gucci Handbags Tailor Made for You sb-alto2012-04-21 02:46:53
  15. @Bala Its not a cap, not a scale either. Its a ferrari. Ok I will come up with a teaser. @BornFree Congratulations on the booking. AC problem solved ?? How long to wait ?
  16. @rameshbabu What about that Mumbai transfer ? Btw, I am going to Hyderabad for my MBA june onwards. @every1 I am serious, I have really bought a red ferrari.
  17. Suddenly spamming has increased again. I would request all to keep an eye on such members and such posts. Please report or PM Moderators. One can also use this thread to mention name and post.
  18. The third row is cramped, but then one should not expect any S class at the back. Except for the Force one, most MUVs and SUVs have cramped rear bench. Still I would say that it is not worthless. The middle row is adequately spacious unless you are some Mathew Hayden or Usain Bolt. Moreover the middle row can be moved back and forth just like front seats, making the seating more flexible. As a whole is the car is not cramped at all, even for more than average tall people. The Ertiga is very much suited for long distances. It has got all characteristics of a touring car.
  19. @AMG Here is another one. A fiat is a ferrari, or is it ?
  20. The so called modified Windshield experts Run flat ? Tubeless ? Air suspension ? Weight reduction ?
  21. @nishu Sony looked good but a bit down on specs. 512 graphics and I am getting 1GB at 4k less. Except you, not many vaio users I know. No HP this time. Service cost is too much. I am using a mini 110-1051TU and cost of spares is more than cost of the mini. Dell is not value for money. Inspiron 15 R looked good but pricey. @Rahul I can wait till 1st week of May, or maximum 2nd week. I have exams from 22 till 31st and I will be leaving on 2nd June. By that time I need to finish shopping all these. I am told about windows 8. But somehow I have to use it before its arrival also. Moreover buying windows separately is getting dearer than a laptop with pre installed windows. Are you talking about new processors or graphics ? I can wait only if I get the new ones within my budget. Else I will have to settle for whatever options I have now.
  22. @rahul The one that you have mentioned comes with DOS, while the one I am going for is with Win7 HB. The price difference is 3-4k. I will try to get the i5 with Win7 at 37500. Lumia looks good. I guess it is near 15k right ?
  23. I have selected Lenovo G 570 i3 2nd gen, 500GB, 4GB ram, 1 GB ATI raedon, 15.6 HD LED, and all other standard feature. Price is 34k including all. 5 Gifts assured. Some are rejected on grounds of poor review, while some on subject to stock. Selected ipad is the 16GB 3G+Wifi . Price is 28k Phone is still undecided.
  24. Till now, I had seen the Ertiga on paper. Today had the first glimpse of the actual car (A TD vehicle). Since I just saw the car, I can only comment on the looks. The car looks very proportional and with no bulky eyesore, yes! no Chris Bangle art here, but looks are modern and a touch Ritz-ish (which I do not mind). Overall a very sober looking car with clean lines. White, light blue and red colour looked stunning. (showroom displays ). I believe that this car will have similar mass appeal just like the swift, and pricing is near perfect.