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  1. I have bought a Ferrari . A red one.
  2. Viv999 : A warm welcome to the forum. 1. There is not much option among readily available 4" components. The one that I know is Kenwood KFC S402P. But Focal, Auditor and other makes have it but it is subject to availability. 2. So you are planning for a 6 speaker set up ? 3. Yes, preferably. 2 channel or 4 channel depending upon your wish for a subwoofer and its power. 4. For HU, a lot depends upon your choice. 2 Din full screen ones are costly while 1 Din is cheap. 5. Go for damping, cost should be around 4000-6000 depending upon make of material. Why no subwoofer ? and please do elaborate on the need and your own choice. Helps a lot to suggest.
  3. Shortlisted laptops are 1. HP G6 1312 tu 2. HP 630 3. Dell Inspiron 15R u560703 4. Dell vostro 1540 305 5. Lenovo G570 598758/595902 6. Toshiba c 665 15011 7. Samsung (rahul's link)
  4. You can try System D once, if it does not work, get the injectors cleaned from service station.
  5. Is fujitsu reliable ? I mean I have never heard of them. I am getting ipad 2 3G+wifi 32gb for 34k (special price). So I do not have much to spend. But I heard that Toshiba laptops have good battery backup. But are they good in service and spares?
  6. Ok update, BIG update, Phone budget is 13k now, Galaxy Ace is on minds, I am getting IPAD 3G+Wifi 32GB this week Also suggest me a basic laptop in the range of 25-30k .(Looking for 500GB HDD, i3 processor, 15.6 display, good battery life ) I do not expect too much out of it,
  7. @Nishu Wish you a happy and trouble free ownership of all 6 wheels(7 technically). @DD and others Hyderabad going is confirmed. I will go on 2nd June. Classes starting from 4th June. Will miss my car for at least 2.5 years. Happy and Sad !!
  8. Spacers are not the best thing to adjust suspension. If you are interested in stiffer suspension, you have Koni and Bilstein all above 50k budget. Where are you based ?
  9. Congrats !! Hope you have a great ownership. Do update us with pics and info about your car. To be honest, run ins are generally not specified. But it is advisable that you do maintain a run in period. Run in period is not 5 or 50 kms. Its is close to 5000-10000kms. Run in do not require any rocket science tricks, just that you go easy on the car.
  10. Oh really ?? Now dont keep me in suspense. @Nishu : Naya Car !! Nayi bike !! Badhiya Hai @everyone I might shift to Hyderabad soon, for my PG studies. Classes will start around mid June. Will keep all updated. All these process is keeping me a bit busy, but hope to spend more time soon. sb-alto2012-03-31 07:50:39
  11. @BornFree err... umm ... its a motorbike . @Nishu Congrats. Do start a new thread about it. The teaser pic is nice. Still I wished that you got the stolen Pulsar back
  12. Oil change + filter is a must for 1st Month service. Without a filter change there is no meaning for oil change. Every oil change should be accompanied by filter change For the 6 month service (Maruti) oil change is not necessary but should top up level. Next oil change should be 8k kms interval if you stick to MGA oil. Using good mineral or semi synths can extend oil change interval to 10k kms. Every car has a run in period, be it a BMW M5 or a Tata nano. A 15k kms is a standard average run in period. Dealers are least bothered about run in. They are interested in selling cars. According to them, it is better to drive dangerously and ruin the car, so that you buy another one. For service advice I trust people in this forum more than MASS guys. Helps to keep the car good and save unnecessary expenses.
  13. I believe that this is not the proper fluidic design trend as seen among the newer hyundai. Seems more like a petty facelift with fluidic touches to bumpers. The lights look the same as in i10, only a bit less angular. The fogs are the only prominent change other than the bumper. All body panels are the same From design POV, Eon, New Verna and sonata scores more. sb-alto2012-03-30 07:26:33
  14. Oil change is necessary, I will advice to get semi synthetics from 3rd service(1 year) onwards. Do not use any flush. Always keep in mind that your car is in the run-in period. So no hard revving or high speeding. Use MF cloths to wipe car. If you do not have anti rust, get it. **edit** The reason why engine oil change is required on the 1st service is because : 1. factory filled oil is often provided below the standard amount. Do not be surprised to see low oil level than normal. 2. Since the engine is newly built, micro metal components do wear out for a few weeks till components run free of basic friction. More heat due to friction means faster oil degrading. 3. In the run in period, engine oil consumed is more. So do not cross the time limit for oil change, rather, if you are running on MASS oil, engine oil changes should be made at 6-8k kms rather than 10k kms. 4. If you plan to switch to FULL synthetic, then do it after run in period (15-20k kms). But you can use semi synthetics from 3rd service of 1 year. sb-alto2012-03-30 07:20:36
  15. Why dont you call up the local MASS for an answer. Some MASS are cooperative enough to answer. You can also email them. For the time being I will try to search a pdf owners manual for 96 M800
  16. Facelifted i20 launched in 12 variants! Petrol 1.2 gets VTVT for 84PS: Rs 4.7 - 6.7Lakh, 90PS diesel 5.9-7.4L, 1.4 petrol auto 7.6L sb-alto2012-03-28 11:07:49
  17. @shadowclone With a 15k budget you can get decent stuff. What are you looking for in ICE ? Secondly, a big no no to exhaust mufflers. As for tyres, keep the stock ones till they end their life. Change later on.
  18. @Manoj If possible, try to post a number of pics of the dashboard. Might help in making a decision.
  19. A very good advice. Its is always better to have wheels balanced while they are on the car. Moreover try tyres rotation, random or systemic: might help. Also make sure that tyre nuts are fixed with electric torque wrenches after balancing and alignment. Check if the offsets are as per recommendation or not. I hope you are not using spacers on the wheels ? sb-alto2012-03-23 15:06:06
  20. @Sstar Its has 3RCA, 16GB sd card support and AUX. Should be available in leading accessory shops. FM is also there. Prices range from 2.5k to 3k.
  21. I am back to Kolkata, have lots of photos to share, but might take time. @rahul Had biriyanis Some likes and dislikes about the hyd city Likes 1. Many IT office 2. Retail chain improved a lot (last I visited 8 years back) 3. Road infrastructure is good. Lots of flyovers. 4. Bus service is good 5. Food is good, but not very cheap 6. Still retains culture Dislikes 1. Very very hot during the day. Extreme weather. Too much dry without many trees and vegetation 2. Two stroke autos run havoc. Auto fare is excessively high. No fixed rate 3. AC cabs are also more costly compared to kolkata 4. No traffic rules. Bikes do whatever they like. Traffic police is non existent. Signal system is more for show. Nobody monitors or slap fine to violators. 5. Helmets ? What helmets? People in Kolkata wear it to avoid fine. At least some harm is saved. 6. No proper bus stops 7. Costly everything without any improvement in quality. Even prices in Big Bazar are more. Other observations 1. Cars have the darkest tints. No prizes for guessing why. 2. Less BMW, people love Audi and Mercs more, and yes Volvo 3. Second hand car market is good 4. Spares are available everywhere and covers all times. (vintage or modern) 5. No woofer wala car. Everyone seems decent. No wacko mods either 6. Andhra Pradesh Loves Skoda. Thats it. 5 out of 10 cars is a skoda. 7. Skoda horn is the horn of the masses. Peep-peep ones are rare. 8. No HIDs though. 9. I did not find even one OMNI in 5 days 10. People drive with an awkward forward leaning posture. Uphill and downhill vision is the cause. 11. Vintage scooters are in good numbers and most are well maintained. 12. Fake HSRP are easily available. Looks ditto same. Prices start at 160 Rs for a single plate. 13. More scooters less bikes.
  22. JBL GTX 333 still retails around 3k here. Much better value than Pioneer. Official price was 2999 even a few weeks back.
  23. Welcome to the forum, shadowclone. Hope you have a good time with us here. Please do go through the Announcement section to get an idea about on board rules. Here frenz are friends and dis is this. Bring on the queries.
  24. Guys, I have checked the Galaxy Y. Did not really like it. Used it for 5-6 hours and found these negatives. - small screen , resolution is not very appealing - GPS did not work without internet connection, - not very good battery backup - earphone sound quality is not good - 3.5mm AUX did not work smoothly Pioneer AUX port. - scroll function can be better. I am more inclined towards higher phones now. budget can be around 12-13k also I need another phone in the 5k budget. Preferably touch phone.
  25. @drifty I am staying near big bazzar Ameerpet (close to HYD Central-PVR ). I will be leaving tomorrow, so I might not find time. I should have informed you earlier sb-alto2012-03-17 11:10:12