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  1. I am in Hyderabad for the past 4 days . Work is keeping me busy.
  2. Blackened B pillar. Ok. Painted or sticker job ?
  3. Life of a turbo is expected to be around 75k to 100k kms. But poor construction and poor maintenance can shorten life. Cost of turbo is high. Ranges from 60k to 85k depending upon car. For swift I guess it is around 70-75k.
  4. I like the clean lines and simple design. But I do not expect any super chassis or manners from a chevy. Only if the engine is good, it will not flop, else another UVA
  5. I would choose a sedan to hatch. If it is a sedan, Rapid would be my heart car, and Sunny the head. Rapid looks and feels a lot better in quality and manners but sunny is more value for money. After sales service of all the manufacturers listed above are either a hit or miss. Skoda spares are costly and resale is not as good.
  6. A samsung store is offering Galaxy ACE at Rs 11.5K . Worth the stretch ? Or Nokia 500 as it is now ?
  7. Happy holi to all . Keep yourself and your cars safe.
  8. Expected price rise of Rs 5/litre soon(petrol). May be tomorrow or day after. CNN IBN reported today. sb-alto2012-03-06 17:58:05
  9. Boxes are plug and play, so can be removed before service. Remaps are permanent. Boxes come with various modes whereas one remap is one of a kind performance gain Remaps need high expertise, else things will get messy and costly. Permanent damage fears are also a concern. Much easy with boxes. Remaps takes time and many dyno runs. Box installation is easy and fuss free.
  10. For diesel it is better to go for box than remap. Pete boxes are not cheap, around 30k for linea. (Punto is not enlisted) Adding a good air intake system will help. But I doubt you can get everything within your budget. For boxes check out : Spider, Kiirus and Race Dynamics. (Around 20k)
  11. These are the first pictures of the soon-to-be launched i20 facelift. As seen from the pictures, the refreshed i20 gets a light dose of Hyundai
  12. @BornFree Wild idea : Optra magnum TDi BS4 LT is less than 10L on road +3 years chevy package + large sedan + diesel
  13. Spotted Kia Sportage and Sorento on the way to Bhutan. Plus a old Merc 250D and a vintage cop lorry.
  14. @BornFree Do you really need a people mover ? What will be the actual purpose of the car ? Is this replacing any old car ? If you really need a big one, innova is a reasonable choice, sunny is more for back seat comfort, and figo is for driving pleasure and the utility of a hatch in crowded places. To me, its between the figo and innova.
  15. @sham Is car is petrol or diesel? How much is your budget ? I hope you are serious about the mods
  16. Zxi , as it should have that important Tacho, but Titanium will be the best bet Previously exi had tacho, but as someone pointed out, the new figo is minus tacho in Exi too. Decrease accessory budget and go for titanium Figo looks good in White, dark grey, and red. If you have white in mind, go for it. Silver lacks the flair.
  17. @BornFree I will vote for figo still, but do watch out for these things(or take another TD) 1. Weak headlamps (zxi will have fogs). If you have friends with figo, check headlamp efficiency at night. I was disappointed. 2. Ground clearance. Try to drive it over bad roads.
  18. My 8 years old Alto carpets also have velcro at the edges. Generally velcro is provided with full mats (not the 4 piece mats). I will try to take a pic of my mat and post it. 3D kagu are priced around 4-5k (as correctly said by rssh). But there are Indian 3D mats too, which are priced half. But fit and finish is definitely better in case of the imported ones. Go for OE fogs then. I have figured out that there is an advantage of these 12v timid lamps. These are similar to the bulbs used in rear tail lamp cluster, so you can replace these bulbs with yellow ones in winter(fogs) or buy a pair of led tail bulbs and use it as DRL. (very cheap). How is sun film banned there? AFAIK only road legal tints are allowed, but how can it be banned altogether ?
  19. You are right about these OE mats. They become slippery in wet conditions. The normal studded ones available in big bazzar or spencers are way better. 3D mats are expensive, but looks damn good. BTW most mats have velcro at the bottom to prevent mat slips. Once again, OE fogs are more fancy than effective. The fog lamp size is universal, so you can get good H3 fogs from outside. Do have a check about their effectiveness at night before buying from toyota.
  20. I will add two more : 1. Anti rust coating. 2. Door side protection strips OE (with chrome) 3. Yes rear fogs too. (if provision is there) Also do check out these photos Images : Tbhp sb-alto2012-02-27 16:29:29
  21. @kushal Congratulations. Keep us updated. Please do post some pics.
  22. By inserts I meant two things. Stitches of different colour tones on the seat and second is the coloured door panels. While that red looks whako, grey looks dull. I can understand the weather part. Genuine leather is super costly and fabric gets spoiled too soon. (I know a friend who screwed the fabric on the day of PUJA, spilling coconut water, mustard oil and a bit of sindoor). If hot weather is an issue, then go for premium sun control films.(Vkool) Just one mat often spoils exposed soft carpets. (like the thin hump on the rear ) How about 3D kagu mats ? Fog lamps is a must for Delhi/Punjab fog. Get rear fogs too if possible. A stitched steering cover is also essential if not provided. sb-alto2012-02-27 15:45:14
  23. @BornFree 1. Wood inserts do not gel well. I suggest keep it simple and neat. (You might try sparco gear knob to replace that red ball ) 2. Steel grey with black inserts for seat covers. (Art leather). Since your car will have tints (preferably black), color of seat covers will not be visible. Steel grey and black because dirtiness and stains are least visible. I suggest seat covers from day 1, because fabric once spoiled will look bad and removing stains from fabric is not that easy. ( Ovion ,Gsport and Autokame are preferable brands) 3. For alloys, I will suggest to wait a bit. Buying in a haste often results in bad buy since it is a matter of design and taste. Search the world to find the best one according to choice. Let the steel rims take the toil for sometime. 4. Same suggestion for ICE, take your time to find the right thing at the right price. (unless some already done extensive research) 5. Mudflaps, the integrated ones look good (although not too effective). The problem with flexible mudflaps which are screwed to the wheel cladding, are a) Gets loose with use Becomes hard and break c) Rusty screws become tough to open. 6. For floor mats, I suggest go for 100% covering PVC mats. Big rolls are available in many colours. Pick one and buy more than the floor area. Get seats removed in an accessory shop (when installing seat covers) and cut those mat according to shape. On top of that keep piece rubber mats. Advantages of PVC mats 1. Water proof 2. Serious dirt collector 3. Cleaning is easy 4. Good sound insulation 5. Anti slip. 6. Does not fade 7. Does not ruin under carpet. sb-alto2012-02-27 15:00:40
  24. Rahul Thanks for that, I would not want a pay GPS service at any cost. So no wave Y. Nokia C5 03 was also good but Resistive touch. Nokia 500 is the best of the lot now. Is micromax good? Trust worthy ? reliable ?