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  1. If you have JVC KDR606 head unit then there is no need to upgrade your Head unit. It is pretty good. Go for a 5way coaxial 6X9 oval from pioneer and a 6.5'' 3 way normal round (rear doors) and the pioneer component mentioned above for the front doors. You only need a 6 speaker harness. By the way i dont know what JBL speakers you have.
  2. yup. By the way where is this Mukesh Hyundai ? Is it the one near Baguiati ? Mukesh hyundai is a good dealer and i never heard anyone complaining about them. So strange to hear from you. I hope things will be fine today. update with the pics as soon as possible.
  3. yes but keeping the cost down would be the challenge. This car really need a few upgrades
  4. congrats khatbhej. Hope you ride well.
  5. oops sorry. My mistake . I wanted to mean TS A1302C. thanks for the rectification
  6. Chevrolet as performance cars sounds tricky. No chevrolet is favourite among the performance lovers in india. Skoda honda toyota and maruti to some extent does well.
  7. Another advantage is the huge variety in the small car segment. There are 8 small cars under maruti with various price tag to suite every1. Small car segment dominates in India still now. Maruti is not popular for the grand vitara but for altos and wagon r's
  8. Correct about the quality factor but then the indian market has huge scope for cheap and economical cars with low maintainance cost and Maruti has been successful in that field for a long time. But things r improving.
  9. nothing to be BIASED . In India Maruti Suzuki really does well
  10. @rahul1810: i agree and in India Maruti Suzuki wins almost every JD power Asia Pacific award.
  11. always black . It has got an elegance
  12. Pioneer TS A943 [6x9] 4way (rear) Pioneer TS A1702C 13cm components (front) Pioneer DEH 2190UB head unit
  13. sb-alto


    laura is a class apart .
  14. 2 din players wont come for Rs10000. Go for 2 6x9 oval at back and 2 6.5'' component in the front with a single din usb player from pioneer. For low budget pioneer is not bad . Total will cost around Rs14000