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  1. Formula One is not a sport, says Sports ministry

    Really sad that our infrastructure is so poor.... Each of our M.P / M.L.A go so rich after each of their tenure.... 177 crore... isn't a big amount at all. Formula 1 would only get us better market.... Bigger companies would get to know our market potential.... We would be having a better engg boon.... Indian r of course moto crazy..... The crowd would surely turn up.... Right now there is a huge fan following for F1... Circuit would do a world of good to us.... World recognisation being the most imp..... Note from mod: Take time & care to post, SMS lingo & "-----" such stuff are not allowed on the board. Go through the board rules before proceeding further. BornFree2009-11-30 14:00:54
  2. Delhi Auto Expo 2010

    Post deleted Note from mod: Post only if there's something substantial to add to the topic.BornFree2009-11-30 13:41:04
  3. 10000 kms report of yamaha fz-16

    Post deleted Note from mod: Posting just for the heck of it is of no use, post only if there's something substantial to add to the topic.BornFree2009-11-30 13:37:59
  4. Strikes in Indian Automobile Companies

    Post deleted: Post in proper English, SMS lingo is not allowed on the board. BornFree2009-11-30 07:02:22
  5. Tata Safari Dicor Now Updated to 30000kms

    TATA Safari, any day is Royal king @ the road....
  6. Advice Car to buy between 4-5 Lakhs

    Go for a VW Polo.... Priced @ 4.35 L. Its the best buy i feel.....It's to be launched by March 2010......
  7. Car bought in Jan 2010-Is it 2009 or10?

    MODEL is determined with the year of purchase, ur right most of the vehicle upto april of the year may be the vehicle produced previous year.
  8. Confused Help me which car to buy

    Give a thought to TATA Indigo MANZA as well.....
  9. What is the most preferred color ?

    Black is any day regarded as classy n sporty.....
  10. Mini - SUV. Why not name it Mini- MPV ???

    May be ur right about the launch, that doesn't bother me. I just wanted to know about the name ????? MINI- SUV or MINI - MPV ?????
  11. Mini - SUV. Why not name it Mini- MPV ???

    Yup that's the mentality of every Indian . You're very right over it. But i was just wondering why do car makers have to name it as Mini - SUV? By no means its doing justice to the term SUV. MPV is an apt name. Is this a marketing strategy to grab eye balls, by terming it as SUV? -NiKe's FuelRunGod2009-11-12 07:18:35
  12. There is a lot of talk about having a Mini - SUV in the Indian market buy next summer. I would like to know, why is it named a Mini- SUV ? It doesn't have a 4- wheel drive, with the looks of the vehicle i doubt its off road ability. Why not name it as a Mini - MPV ???