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  1. XenonsP4 is for around 19k. You should put them, it makes the car look much better.. my friend told me when he saw my car from far, he thought it was beemer..
  2. Guys one of my friend needs help, He is contemplating.. i told him to wait for polo- good idea ? Jazz vs fabia vs polo vs ?? punto fits in this category ?
  3. Hey bluesapphire, Congrats on your pick I bought the laura 1.9 tdi AT. ( i remember since quite long we both have been looking at the same segment of cars, Finally we both got ours cars )
  4. Hey guys, i guess you all know me, So glad to see aci finally back up.. ( so annoying using other car forums.. Aci is the best ) After so many months of discussions, From Altis to civic to jetta to cruze and then finally i bought the laura.. I bought the 1.9 tdi ambience AT - in which i put leather seats, wooden pannel, xenon lights and a gps media system.. The colours is cappuccino beige I booked the car on 12 december 2009, and recieved dilivery on 21st january 2010. ( Skoda annoyed me a bit on the dilivery schedule ) Its a wonderfull car, a pure beauty mean machine What should i know for a new car performance, like should i not drive above 60 km for the first 1000 km ? so more tips please. What fuel should i use.. Normal diesel or high octaine ? Thank you all for your support, help and time I will continue to share my experiences.. I will post pics by today evening. Power2010-01-23 08:44:16
  5. @bluesapphire We all have been discussing from a long time, anything left to talk about ? From beginging we both were rocking the same boat.. i remember from altis to cruze to laura to jetta to civic > all big discussions. i remember when we all were favouring the cruze.. but after we see the car, its turns out the cons are to heavy on the pros. anyway i bought the laura becase my dads friends owns jmd skoda. ( so i dont need to worry about services and fake parts bs ) if i wasnt buying the laura, then i would pick jetta. anyway, you have any questions to ask from the top ? i can really ask my friend - who is uncle surabjees son.
  6. @eightchaff please dont use sms language. Your right the craze is all over, people are actually selling they cars. go for laura. you will be a happy customer.
  7. How did the boy do the paper work and everything ? did he buy it second hand ? living proof, registration etc ?? Edit: Answer lies in the 1st post itself. Hint: Driver! BornFree2009-12-17 18:32:15
  8. Hey guys, my friends are planning to make a road trip from mumbai to goa.. Is it safe driving down to goa ? what precautions should they know ..( never been in a 6 hours + road trip. ============ mostly i will be flying, so i was wondering if i could rent a car in goa.. if some one could help out for resonable prices... i will be there from 23rd - 30 th... i was thinking of gypsey.. is it good enough.?
  9. Well am getting taking the Thane dilivery, so on road price was 14.30 for petrol, Deisel 14.70. Now dealers are offering discounts from 40 - 80 k on petrol varients, Diesel has no discounts. My dad pulled some strings and got 40k discount on diesel+ discounts on accesorries. BornFree2009-12-17 14:04:01
  10. They must have payed him alot to drive this around.