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  1. Truly fabulous pictures, but i wonder > few of them are to good to be perfect Why not consider photography ? ah now i got - photoshop does a great job indeed.
  2. Probally the brand new cars launching world wide woud'nt be there but theres a quite a lot. { check out ncpa basement sometime ) Well my friend own The 760 Li for his personal use, Sadly 19 year olds these days are getting such cars. ( His number plates is also 760) Why is mumbai starting to show they money SO MUCH ? If any of you know, Few years back there was a blackish silver modified sonata with side skirts and spoiler etc, He is the same friend who owns the 760 in white. Power2009-12-16 09:16:27
  3. 85 k was the final discount i was getting on the petrol, + some scemes on emi for 3 years. about the extras, i am getting on cost because my dads friends brother is one of the directors for skoda. The deal is allready done, The coming sunday i will go and find out if they can help you in your city. Calcutta right ?
  4. @eightchaff Laura is the better vehicle, i was to buying the cruze > the probem is the cons are to bad to let you pay so much. Edit - i have booked my laura allready, will be recieving dilivery by 1st week of jan. Do you live in mumbai ? Power2009-12-14 15:43:32
  5. Power


    Manza according to me.
  6. Sea link is turning into Death row link. 4 ACCIDENTS WITHIN A WEEKS TIME ! Now as cyrus said accord smashes lancer and again another lancer smaching an i10. ( this is all happening because its december time, all kids are coming back home from unis)
  7. Whats the diffrence between octy1.9 and laura 1.9 ? My friend has a octy since last 3 years, his bhp is to 105. how much diffrence is there between these to vehicles ? What make the laura more superior other then the interiors and exteriors ?
  8. Mostly people in India have drivers driving they cars, so Cruze has failed to impress people like me, The comfort behind is worst then a Santro, the head room is so low > OMG am 5.11 and really bothers me. The driving is fun, but how much can you do in a city like Mumbai ? Buying a Skoda, you will be more satisfied. atleast in Mumbai - A.S.S in very good. GM sadly you have failed as usual. Your paying 14 lacks to get space of santro lol. Note from mod: Use capital letters where required. BornFree2009-12-13 19:02:43
  9. Is it legal to take the car octorai less in thane . Do you or your family members have residential proof of mira to Virar place? Dealers earlier use to register there for some 5k fees but now cars are being caught for wrong or false residential proofs . Best of luck Yes its legal, The dealers will do for you for about 10 k. Well i have my factory and virar.
  10. Hey guys, my cousin is looking to buy a small for his sister & wifes use. He is will to spend around 6 lacks.. Which are the small cars expected and worth the wait ? polo would be the best ?
  11. Just to let you to know guys, I cancelled booking for the petrol and am going in for the diesel, My dad has some impluence in jmd skoda, now he is 40 k off on the diesel which turns out to be the price of petrol. So now am getting - laura ambience - with wodden pannel, xenon lights, leather seats, Gps > all the extra for 60 k - ( do u think its a steel ?) Sadly my dad to canceled black because he hears about the maintainence issues.. So he booked cappuino beige. taking dilivery on Jan 3rd for 2010 registration. thank you guys for ur help and support Power2009-12-11 20:38:28
  12. So many of us are mumbaikars in here these days.. Congrats on you buy m8.. Just before you make your final decision, just wanted to let you know - Laura is giving 80 k discount on petrlols... so basicly if u get the car on thane dilivery ( like i am ) your spending 14 lacks ont he laura !! how much are u paying for altis ?
  13. What really happened - It was a 15 year old kid going to skool and he was late - the driver was around 120kmph > the wagaonR cabbie was trying to take a U-TURN on the sea-link- Seriously eneducated people shoud'nt be allowed on marvels like the sea-link. The stupid cabbie killed 2 people - accountant and a amazing friend of mine. the press really makes up rubbish. RIP Brother- Power2009-12-09 19:05:42
  14. Congrats, so finally you decided for petrol or diesel and which variant? And also what are the features available in variant you selected? And the delivery date is decided by you or is there any waiting for the car? Petrol 1.8TSI in black colour. I put - Wooden panel, Xenon lights, Leather seats and a gps system all for 70k. ( whole deal was turning around 95k) My car is exactly like elegance, only thing it dosent has is - auto ac and 16inches alloys.
  15. POST DELETED: Please Stick to the topic on hand.CYRUS432009-12-09 10:59:32
  16. Well i am getting dilivery of my laura by 25th - the dealer told me to > he will block a temporary number plate and then i will register my car on jan first week.
  17. Well sadly it was a friends brother. well my friend dosent even know about this because he is studying abroad and his exams are going on, so the parents decided not to tell him, he is currently back on 15 th. One thing i gurantee, There was no dad in the car and the kid was below 16. ------- i frequently drive at 140kmph+ on the sea-link and its very safe. Never had even a small issue. i wonder how this accident happened.
  18. Moral of the story - Never buy a fiat vehicle.
  19. People are actually going to pay 20 lacks for this small car ? i mean i woudnt waste that kind of money i would rather go for other choices like laura top end, accord. fortuner etc. I am really keen to see how many cars will VW sell with beetle. ( i wil go to VW and ask for TD, are they giving for a new car ? )
  20. Hey akshay, We both are in the spot light. ( we both are from mumbai ) Why dont you TD the Laura 1.8tsi, its best - i ruled out civic and altis after driving the laura. December discount on laura - 70 K off on Laura petrol, so the car will turn up about 13.70 lacks( thane) Laura has alot more CLASS compared to civic. After all its German engineeing. Autobahn skoda ( prabhadevi ) told me the discount will end by 10th dec, so hurry on your decision. where do you live in mumbai ? Power2009-12-07 23:24:54