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  1. Well i went for some work at tardeo, My dads friend is second hand car dealer, i went to have a visit. i allready saw 3 cruzes for sale - lol People are really selling they car. My uncle said 2 of owners and selling the car because of poor clutch and horrible comfort behind, and the 3rd owners was complaining about turbo lag in city usage. So any of you looking at cruze - take a serious note on these two points. Gm dissapointment again. Power2009-12-07 22:01:36
  2. I was just going to ask how much is the laura petrol average - it seems my answer was waiting for me. Any Laura 1.8tsi owners in here, please justify eightchaff statement. Edit - Was just thinking if the petrol is giving 12 in city, then the diesel will gave 18 in city ????? ------------------------------------------------------------------ I am buying the ambience model ( deisel or petrol not sure ) I want to put - wooden panel, leather seats, Xenon lights and probally a Gps system. i was wondering if some could get me a cheaper deal since i would be paying 80 k for all that. Any from mumbai who could help me out ? Power2009-12-07 21:50:41
  3. Thats why my family never buys fiat vehicle. I hope you find a solotution to. by tommorow morning i should hook you up with some numbers to call upon.
  4. Vw isnt giving any discounts sadly.. Thats why am buying the laura. 70k off on petrol variant and for deisels - 45000 km free maintainence sceme.
  5. Welcome girish, Am glad to have members like you Enjoy your stay.
  6. My skoda dealer is giving a discount of 70k on petrol 1.8tsi laura.
  7. When are you planning to buy your car ? If you could wait then I would highly suggest you wait for fabia 1.8tsi!!! ( few months ) Otherwise my choice would be i20. You could also wait for i30. Polo is worth the wait. BornFree2009-12-03 14:45:38
  8. Power

    Best Hatchback

    What about jazz 1.5 > dosent even come in poll ?
  9. How many models are there on the jetta ? My skoda dealer called me up today - December Discounts are out. 70 K discounts ont he laura pertrol, sadly no discounts on diesel.
  10. I Was again checking the prices for other cars and just wondering is the jetta 1.9 Tredline is is 15.50 on road thane. its the same price as laura 1.9 ambience. Till what i remember a long time back is, i really like the jetta but i had ruleD out because of budget, but now since i have stretched it > should i re-consider the jetta ?
  11. @insane - Am from mumbai to. i was just browsing the net, i found this site called car wale. is it better to buy from them or directly from a dealer. I will be buying on emi of 3 years.
  12. Passat is in another leauge alltogether. i would rather suggest superb or 3 series. if you can affort suberb 3.6 then go for that. Please specify budget.
  13. I need some help - Reason to convince my dad to buy petrol. -Advantages and dis advantages of buy diesel laura amience 1.9TDI. Note - This will be my first time am buying a diesel car. How many colours are there, i hear there are 6 ? white,black.Cappuccino Beige, silver, green and ?
  14. @Tinny9 Please dont suggest other cars because i have discussed this for months, i have made my decision and will stick to it. About the A.S.S, i agree with of you hating skoda but times have changed now. I know people who has skoda vehicles and hasent complained at all, Infact my dads friends owns a laura and is extremely happy with car and and a.s.s I guess Skoda Mumbai dosent face such A.S.S problems. one more thing - i TD the civic and i personally Did not enjoy driving it.. it was to low! @JDrive - thanx for the brilliant info/calculation. i personally want the tsi for its ultimate power, but then i have to think practically to I will get more re-sale value for the TDI OR TSI ? How much diffrence approx. is the TDI engine powerfull enough ?
  15. This is turning into hating skoda thread. Well skoda has canceled the licence of a dealer in mumbai because they use to sell fake parts.. i guess those days are over now. I need some help on buying either diesel or petrol since the diffrence is only 40k. My father prefers diesel because of the milege, but then again diesel makes to much noise. and its only 105 bhp where as the petrol dosent make noise at all and has 160bhp. ( audi engine in it ) My general running wont be more then 1000 km a month. What should i do ? very confused... My dad has left the choice to me to decide.. I need to make my decision my today.
  16. I gota buyer for a decent price - 13.80
  17. Post Deleted. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Consider this your final warning. Next time you will be banned. FuelRunGod2009-11-29 07:35:06
  18. @DD > am buying the l.8TSI Finally after so many days, i made my decision !!! And even convinced my dad FOR BLACK COLOUR ! I have a query > if i recieve my new car my dec 20th, then can i keep a temporary registeration and buy register in first week of jan... is this possible ? this is what the dealer told me.
  19. I havent heard anything abou laura changing its engine. Anyway, today i went to the skoda showroom to inquire of the laura.. we spoke quite a bit.. then i ask him for dilivery - he said it would take about 3-4 weeks, He told me that i should get the car in 3 weeks and he would put me on a temporary registeration and then register the car in jan 2010. Is this possible or hes just talk rubbish and try to sell the car on 2009 model ? Power2009-11-26 16:00:13
  20. Dude if u move away with key for more then 2 metres, then the car automatically gets locked !!
  21. I have been asking questions on pm, and i think its better to ask on threads. Am looking to buy a laura soon, my daily running wont be more then 30km, about 900-1000 km a month, if possible a weekend holiday sometimes. Confused weather to buy 1.8tsi petrol or diesel ambince/ elegance.a comfort is very important as my father would be sitting behind. owners of the laura > should i buy the laura... give details on reports if you can.
  22. Thought it would be helpful for all the Laura owners here to share problems/knowledge about Laura. We should keep adding to this thread any problems/solutions/ discussions / tech guides about the laura.