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  1. Cars looks quite nice but the interiors are again poor.
  2. The chevy dealer told me you will get atleast 40% of the value in 3-4 years time.
  3. Try Autocar China ! Post edited Note: Please use Capital letters where required. BornFree2009-11-23 13:41:42
  4. So whats your question really ? The resale value in 3 years, you will get 40% of the value you paid. in 4 years you should get about 35% Get the car jan14th if its 2010 dilivery ! Its more practical.. you just want the car to show off when its holiday time for everyone ? To what i know is that you must not rip a new diesel car untill you passed 1000 km. Post edited Note from mod: Personal attacks of any kind on fellow members will not be tolerated. Also, take care to post in proper English & use Capital letters where required. BornFree2009-11-23 13:32:19
  5. I just bought the car for my driver - as he has worked for over 30 years - bonus for him and family
  6. Post deleted Note from mod: Only post if theres something substantial to add to the topic.BornFree2009-11-20 16:38:55
  7. Post deleted Note from mod: Stop posting meaningless one liners. Go through the Announcements section before proceeding further. BornFree2009-11-20 16:43:14
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  9. Your bad at calculation! Note from Mod: Single liners that do not add anything significant to the thread are best avoided. BornFree2009-11-20 15:43:09
  10. But if u down shift, then the cruze is faster > thats how u need to drive in diesel turbocharged cars.. once u down shift~ then no one can catch you right ? What about 2nd gear - 20-80km ? 4 secs once turbo kick in.
  11. Anyone to help ? which car is faster > CRUZE OR CIVIC ?
  12. How much do you think it will be priced in india for ? 20 lacks +
  13. Mitsubishi recalls nearly 30k 2008-2009 Lancer/Lancer EVO models over airbag sensors Potential corrosion of the front impact airbag sensor has prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recall up to 29,353 2008-2009 Mitsubishi Lancer and Lancer Evolution models. NHTSA is concerned that long-term exposure to a mixture of melted snow and salt thrown up by other vehicles on the road may cause the wintery mixture to adhere to the front impact sensor and lead to corrosion over time. In the event of an accident or collision, a damaged sensor may short-circuit and delay airbag deployment possibly causing driver or passenger injury. The recall is currently limited to states where heavy road salt is used in the winter (i.e., Connecticut, New York, Wisconsin, etc...). Mitsubishi dealers have been instructed to replace the airbag sensors with a redesigned model with improved corrosion resistance. Of course, the service will be performed at no charge. While the safety recall isn't scheduled to begin until November 27, 2009, owners may contact Mitsubishi Customer Relations at 888-648-7820, contact NHTSA's Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236, or visit NHTSA on the Internet at www.safercar.gov. Full press release after the jump.
  14. It looks odd, but then it's a MUV. Now a days, we have got used to looks of Santro/Wagon-R, which looked plain horrible when they launched these cars. Ditto for NHC! But then of course, the car has to survive long enough on road. (BTW, One cool thing is that, it has sliding doors like Omni).
  15. Hi jeepers, Found an interesting on web about MM540 launch in europe. This is called mahindra Thar. Looks meaty with 235 A/T tyres and 2000 cc peugeot CRDI engine. Yeah u read i right...CRDI !!! The following are the specifications- 1997 cc turbo diesel CRDI 90 BHP 20.5 Kgm torque power steering NGCS chassis & suspension 5 speed gearbox 4wd Priced at about 15900 euros (Not that expensive considering CRDI engine) Wish this is launched here....with 100 bhp scorpio Euro III non CRDI engine available abroad to keep the cost low. Will be great off road and on road too More pics on video -
  16. Sadly toyota had built a very good reputation which has fallen drasticlly.
  17. Well if you want us to read from the magazine then why talk here sir ? I Thought u want to grow this blog or you just want people to read the magazine and forget about the blog ? There are more blogs which would answer my queries without asking me to check something else. FRG - PROMOTE dont DE-PROMOTE
  18. minimum price for usb audio system will from 6 k > well u can go for the jbl.. u get them around 5000 bux.. I just put MTX speakers few weeks back > they were 6500 rs.. with 1 year warranty... its amazing > i hear Dark Psychadelic trance..Best for clarity and its very very loud.
  19. Is the cruze faster then a civic ?
  20. New questions By P0\/\/3R~~ 1 - Where did the name for the McLaren "F1" come from? 2 - What was the first car to test carbon fiber break discs and then decide against them? Two simple questions for now.. its get harder -
  21. You dont need to spend so much. Hi.I just recently got a Music System fitted in my NHC CVT - Front : Kicker KS5.2 Component Speakers Rear : Kicker KS6.2 Component Speakers Amp : Kenwood 320 W 4-channel (I can't recall the exact model no. !) Wiring : Original Kicker Wiring I haven't added a Subwoofer yet,but will be adding a 10 inch Kicker CVR 10 Dual Coil Sub pretty soon,along with a monblock/2 channel amp for it(probably JBL 2 channe amp) Head Unit is Alpine CDA-9830.I guess your Head Unit must be the Alpine 2 DIN System,since it's the VTEC model..I would suggest JBL/Infinity/Kicker/Soundstream or Blaupunkt Components